Lottery Officials: Beware Of Online Powerball ‘Share’ Scam


powerballThe nation has been captivated by the Powerball lottery, with the jackpot now up to an unprecedented $1.5 billion.

With so many people buying tickets for their chance at a once in a lifetime fortune, there are some out there who are trying to take advantage of unsuspecting players.

The Lottery is warning players of a lottery scam in which scammers are selling shares of Powerball tickets on the internet.

The scam sites say that players will be purchasing shares of Powerball tickets for $5-$10 each or more and that any winnings are divided equally between each share.

The law in most states says that lottery players cannot purchase any ticket, including Powerball, over the internet, phone or by mail.

All tickets must be purchased from an authorized Lottery retailer.

{A. Newscenter}


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