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lose4autism[Communicated] Close to one hundred courageous individuals will take to the battlefield to fight two of perhaps the most challenging battles that are facing the frum community across the globe: obesity and autism.

Like any struggle that we face in life, the commitment to lose weight is a constant battle. We may not always reach our desired goals, but the chances of success increase significantly when we work as a team. This has been proven by the results we have seen over the years.

Many of our previous contestants have successfully shed close to 100 pounds, surely no small feat for anyone who is familiar with the challenges of obesity. Dozens of our contestants have been able to maintain their weight loss for two or three years and counting.

Whether you are from the lucky ones who can commit to that life-altering change or not, one thing you are lucky about is that you are giving these special children a chance to succeed. Every penny raised by Lose4Autism helps cover the overwhelming expense of providing vital therapies such as behavioral, occupational, physical and speech therapies. Children receiving these therapies have a greater chance of mainstreaming successfully.

Lose4Autism provides more than just tremendous relief to the parents of these children. It offers tremendous chizuk for parents of children struggling with autism spectrum disorders in communities across the nation. When meeting with many parents of autistic children in different cities across the country – some who have even joined the competition themselves – the feedback they tell us is that this is a struggle felt and shared by others.

The involvement of thousands of donors across the globe provides a warm feeling of support just knowing that acheinu bnei Yisroel are aware of the struggle these parents are facing and are willing to help them. Whether you have some pounds to shed, or are able to participate with any size donation, you can join this wonderful cause to make a significant difference in people’s lives.

The truth is that all losers at Lose4Autism are really winners. And not just because they have succeeded to shed unwanted pounds. It’s because they are actively involved in giving young children with autism a real chance at being successful as students, as sons and daughters, and as friends.

The cash prize award to the winner of the competition may be an extra added incentive. But most of those who are participating in this event are doing it simply because they want to help the kids.

Just ask R’ Yisroel Friedman, renowned shadchan and community askan, who is an active participant in this event. “I’ve been involved with this organization since its inception,” he says. “It’s a cause that’s close to my heart. When these children get the proper help and therapy, it can work wonders for them.”

You don’t have to live in Lakewood to appreciate the efforts of Lose4Autism. We have many contestants from various cities across the globe.

“When parents see so many individuals working hard to lose weight,” says Rabbi Sorotzkin of Lose4Autism, “they recognize that it’s being done to help their children succeed. That’s a tremendous source of chizuk .”

Join the winners as well as the losers. Become a part of the movement dedicated to helping these special children. Go to www.lose4autism.org and signup today or join us today, 1.17.16, at 56 Clearstream Rd Lakewood, NJ at 8 p.m. Whether you win or you lose, you’ll be glad you did. For more information, call 732-864-4516.

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