Lori Gilbert-Kay Named Victim In Chabad Shul Shooting, Rabbi Still In Serious Condition


The victim killed in the Chabad shul shooting has been identified as Lori Gilbert-Kay.

The three injured in Saturday’s shooting are in stable condition, authorities said. Among the injured was Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein. In the picture above, the Gilbert-Kay is seen  standing next to the heroic Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who was injured when he tried to stop the gunman.

Sheriff Gore said the rabbi was wounded in the hand and is undergoing surgery.

Minoo Anvari, a member of the congregation, told CNN that “[Goldstein] did not leave his congregation until he was finished speaking to them – calming their fears and pledging resilience.”

Please daven for Yisroel Ben Chana Priva.



  1. Lori Gilbert-Kay, Aleha HaShalom, Hashem Yinakem Dama!!

    Lori Gilbert-Kay, May G-D be With Her and May G-D Avenge Her Blood!!

  2. Hero rabbi, fine but what about what about the woman Ms Lori Gilbert-Kay. who put herself in the line of fire to protect the Rabbi! A true Meserus Nefesh!!! May HaShem take her to Gan Enden non-stop!! May Gilbert-Kays’ family be blessed and may all Klaal Yisreal honor her family and her name with tefilla.
    Binyomin Cohen

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