London: Lawsuit Against Jewish Housing Association for Not Allowing Non-Jews


A lawsuit was filed against Stamford Hill’s Agudas Yisroel-run Jewish Housing Association for not allowing non-Jews to purchase discounted apartments in religious neighborhoods.

Two families claim they cannot get cheap apartments on the street they want as they are not Jewish.

The housing association claimed that it looks after religious Jews first because non-Jews can buy discounted apartments just two blocks away.

“There is no reason why the non-Jews should push themselves into a crowded street of religious Jews. What do they have to look for here?” the association said.



  1. that’s not a good answer. i understand what you are after, but, just as it hurts when they do it to us with no good reason, so can others play the same game

  2. Londoneers, Agudath, you will be slapped with discrimination. Goyim just want a nice place to live. Londoneers leave England and move to Israel. Housing is available and very affordable. Many Jews live here too. English is spoken. England offers you nothing. Come home. Ta Ta. Better than Trafalager sq.


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