London Disqualifies Frum Girls School


UK’s Ofsted inspection board deemed the Yesodei Hatorah Senior Girls’ School inadequate, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

Ofsted accused the school of censoring textbooks, of not teaching subjects that modesty precludes and of not doing enough to encourage respect for others. The school was also criticized for covering pictures in books about major artists, altering passages in Sherlock Holmes and stopping girls from visiting an art gallery.

Theo Bibelman, Yesodei Hatorah’s chairman of governors, said the report left the school “feeling part of a secularist plot” and “says more about Ofsted than it does about our school.”

The education watchdog “has downplayed our successes and academic achievements, whilst showing a clear disrespect for the Orthodox Jewish community,” he said. “Just a few months ago, the Hackney Learning Trust judged the school to be outstanding and praised us for many of the aspects now deemed by Ofsted to be below standard.

“This inspection was never about us; it is about Ofsted using their unfettered powers to try to force faith schools to comply with their agenda or fail.”



  1. Time for Jews in Europe to wake and smell the coffee. A continent being invaded by Muslims and countries forced to teach immorality and corruption should be a bright red light.
    Move to Israel before it’s too late.

    • I guess, if you enjoy rockets landing in your living room, then fine. Sure, move to a country that refuses to protect its own citizens. Sure, be my guest.

  2. Isn’t that Rabbi Pinter’s school? It was the showcase of education! This Ofsted thing must be like our liberals or like Moster!

  3. Israel is worse. They are looking to draft boys and girls into an army that’s anti Torah. The best bet for jews in England is to relocate to America or Canada.


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