Local GOP Leader In Ohio Resigns Over Trump-Putin Summit


The chairman of an Ohio county Republican Party resigned in protest on Monday after President Trump’s Helsinki, Finland, meeting and press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Chris Gagin said he cannot serve as the Belmont County GOP chairman any longer “as a matter of conscience.”

Gagin specifically cited Trump’s “policy differences” as a reason he resigned after the Putin summit.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. If it hurts the RhINOs Trump must be doing a fantastic job. Thank you President Trump for draining the swamp – indirectly.

  2. Wow! Some people in th GOP stick to true conservative principles, even if means standing up to their own president!
    Imagine if both sides would stick to their priciples- the Left would be all excited that Trump is continuing Obama’s reset with Russia, and Hannity would critizice Trump the same way he critiziced Obama for the reset with Russia

    • You’re repeating the same fabricated nonsense without any proof. Your entire post is homemade baked drivel, Yup.

    • Wait, Mr. Anonymous. Aren’t you supposed to go on your sarcastic rant about white racists and all that stuff you always say?
      You just can’t get over the fact that all your favorite “conservative talk show heros” have done a complete 180 and abandoned all the conservative values that they spent years defending.
      Keep on defending Trump, as he completely destroys whatever conservatism is left in the GOP.

      • I agree. We must get Jeb Bush to run against Trump in 2020. He is the only true Conservative left in this Country. Hopefully Trump will step down before that.

        • Hate to say it, but even moderate Jeb Bush is more conservative than out current president. “Better than Hillary” is not exactly the highest standards in conservatism.

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