L’Kovod Thanksgiving, Turkey Shaped Challah



    • It was served at the Agudah Convention for years (and probably still is). With all respect to Rav Miller, apparently the gedolim at the conventions were not as concerned.

      • Only the rich & famous actually pay and stay in the hotel where the convention takes place. They are very migushimdika chevra so they have to be served all the fresseru that’s shaich.

    • There are many contemporary poskim on both sides of the issue. For example, Reb Moshe writes that eating turkey on Thanksgiving is NOT chukas hagoyim, if it is not done b’keviyyus (i.e., every single year). Other poskim are even more lenient.

  1. Okay, call it a chicken challah and we’re good to go. It’s kinda cute. You can even “stuff” this challah with sugar and cinnamon, pesto, or sauteed onions. It’ll also look good on your Purim table.


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