Livni: Palestinian Statehood Isn’t A Favor To Obama, It’s Vital For Israel


yerushalayimIsraeli Opposition leader Tzipi Livni said today that Israel must adopt the vision of a two-state solution, telling an AIPAC conference that it was the only way to preserve its status as the Jewish homeland.

“Inaction is not an option” to the stalled peace process, Livni told the conference a day after Obama delivered his own address to the pro-Israel lobby clarifying his vision for a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with land swaps, which was immediately rejected by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition allies.

Taking a much more official tone than she usually reserves for her Jewish audiences abroad, Livni said that she had decided to come before to the conference “not to ask what the U.S. can do for Israel, but what we can do together to confront the challenges.”

If Israel did not take a step to lead the peace process, it would inevitably be led, she said. Israel should welcome the sentiment of hope accompanying the changes that have swept the Middle East, Livni said, but warned that as Zionists “we can’t only hope, we can’t remain indifferent to this battle that will shape our future”.

Livni spoke at length about Israel’s vision of remaining a Jewish and Democratic state, stressing that such a future would be endangered by inaction.

Two “dramatic decisions” must be made to implement this vision, she said.

First, the State of Israel should be as a Jewish homeland, based on a meaningful and practical education that is not “given away to the ultra-Orthodox parties”.

The second decision Israel must make, said Livni, is to adopt the two-state solution, which she declared would not be a “favor to the U.S. president or anyone else.”

“It is not an anti-Israeli policy – it is vital for Israel’s interests,” she said.

Livni added that she believes it is the historical right of the Jewish people to live in the whole land of Israel, but said that the reality of today’s situation was tough and complex.

“If we won’t shape our future – others will do it for us,” she said.

The two main obstacles facing Israel right now Livni said, are the looming vote at the United Nations on Palestinian statehood this September and the recent reconciliation between rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas.

“There is still time to change them both”, she said. “September could be just another month of the year. I was glad to see the U.S. president taking an initiative to prevent the unilateral steps. Launching the negotiations process will postpone September and maybe even produce some success. We could rally the world to our fight against the terror and delegitimize Hamas”.

The Kadima chairman also said that she sees no hope for peace with Hamas, “because they represent religious ideology and there is no way to solve religious conflict”.

The real solution to the Middle East conflict is not in public diplomacy, said Livni, but real policy.

“Israel is strong enough to make decisions,” she said.

{Haaretz/ Newscenter}


  1. The best reply to Livni would be NO reply
    She is desperately looking for ways to get some media coverage take for example the 1967 borders she is well informed and smart enough to know as to why the 1967 borders is a non-starter and in power she would’ve never agreed to even conceder these borders nevertheless she plays dumb and tries to win some leftist votes

  2. “3. Comment from Yanki
    Time May 23, 2011 at 5:14 PM

    Oooh, the brave woman who made scrambled eggs for the boys in a Mosad safe house speaks!”

    Now perhaps YOU will kindly tell us what YOU have done to ensure Israel’s future continued and secure existence, Yanki?

  3. Ambit Claims…

    Like clever unionists looking for a pay rise for their members some groups will go in “high” to increase their chance of getting the right outcome. i.e. Ask for $70,000 per annum and if you get $60,000 we will be happy. I’m a little old fashioned and think that people shouldn’t start with ridiculous negotiating positions. But to close a deal when you know the buyer wants the car and after the salesman has done his job sometimes the buyer actually enjoys the negotiation. (Think “The Haggle” market sequence in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”.) The key is to keep everyone at the table. I want everyone to “buy” the divinely mandated plan for the Temple Mount, Old City, Holy Land, Middle East and Planet Earth. A bit selfish I know but my boss also wants me to get the deal. Remember everyone the current GDP of the immediate region of $1.6 Trillion can grow by 5% p.a. over the next 38 years.

  4. Peace cannot be made with Hamas not because they represent a religious ideology (meaning peace could be made with the Palestinian Authority because they are secular) but because they are terrorits who will never recognize Israel. Thank G-d she didn’t become Prime Minister.

  5. Lots of comments here. I have one question – if you’re so concerned about Israel’s safety, what are you doing in the US? Go scramble some eggs in an Israeli house. Livni lives in EY. Her life is on the line, as is the life of every Jew living there. Don’t like Israeli policies? Go live there and vote. There’s a reason that you can’t vote in Israeli elections – even if you have citizenship – unless you’re actually living there. It’s easy to tell the other guy to take the risks while you sit safe on the sidelines.

  6. GB_Jew,

    During the last election, this witch bragged about how qualified she was to lead Israel by telling everyone that she was once part of a Mossad operation overseas. As it turns out, she courageously made the scrambled eggs every morning for the people who did the real work!

    I can’t move to Israel yet at this stage of my life but I support it in every way I can, financially, politically and through tefilla. No, I never made scrambled eggs in a Mossad safe house but I’m not the one undermining Israel and its leader at a very dangerous time and promising to give away land for nothing, just to further my own political agenda!


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