Livni: Kadima Won’t Be Around For Next Elections


mofazFormer Israeli Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni said Tuesday that Kadima will no longer exist by the next Knesset elections, Israel Army Radio reported today.

During an IDC conference in Herzliya, Livni was asked whether Kadima will be part of the next government and replied, “There will be no Kadima by the next election.” The next Knesset elections are scheduled to take place in November 2013.

Some two months ago, Livni lost the Kadima primaries to Shaul Mofaz and later retired from the Knesset.

However she promised this was not the end of her political career and there was even talk of her running in what was meant to be the summer early elections.

Since her resignation, Livni has leveled criticism at her successor. “Remember, this is a different kind of politics and it will prevail,” she told Israelis after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his unity government with Kadima.

{Ynet/ Israel}


  1. @chaviv You probably will miss them when Likud doesn’t need shas/utj in their coalition to get a majority. Kadimas joining with Likud allowed them to ignore the charadim and pass the Tal law. And there is more where that came from.


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