Livni Calls On Bibi to Join Her Gov’t



kadimaKadima leader Tzipi Livni called on Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu Tuesday night to join a Kadima-led coalition, rather then trying to form a Likud government. Addressing supporters at the party’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, Livni claimed victory in the elections. “The people have chosen – Kadima,” she said to applause.

“I call out to Binyomin Netanyahu tonight,” she said. “I proposed to you before the elections were set to join a unity government under my leadership…you refused, saying that the people must decide. Today the people decided – Kadima.”

“Now all that is left is to do the right thing, to honor the decision of the citizens of Israel, to do what is right for Israel at this time…and to join a unity government led by us,” Livni said.

“Today I hear talk of camps again. Ladies and gentlemen, I entered politics when camps were fighting a bitter war between themselves. The ‘Eretz Israel’ camp and the ‘peace camp,’ and today I hear the name ‘National Camp’ [referring to the right wing bloc],” Livni said.

“‘Eretz Israel’ does not belong to the right, just as peace does not belong to the left,” she said.

{Yair Israel}


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