Livni Announces End Of Political Career


Hatnuah chairwoman, MK Tzipi Livni, announced Monday morning that the party would not run in the coming legislative elections, and that she is leaving politics.

After a twenty-year career in politics, the former Opposition Leader, who also served as Justice Minister and Foreign Minister, cited concerns that her party could weaken the left-wing bloc, taking thousands of votes while having little chance of passing the threshold.

Speaking at a press conference in Tel Aviv, Livni, who fought back tears during her address, referenced the recently dissolved alliance between Hatnuah and Labor, saying that while she had sought to bring about a united left-wing bloc, her efforts had failed this time around.

“There should have been a single bloc to bring a political revolution, but that didn’t happen,” Livni said.

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  1. Livni, had you stayed in your kitchen and cooked up some good dinners, you’d be remembered as a great cook. What did you gain from all your years in politics except for making yourself a very bad name? Now you’ll be remembered as one who always sided with Arabs, helped PM Sharon expel Jews from their homes in the Jewish land and as a radical leftist from the extreme leftist labor party.

  2. Tzipi Livni says she wants out of politics and out of the limelight. She’s starting a partnership with Yossi Alon but she doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone at her new venture, Livni-Alon! (a real stretch……..)

  3. LESSON for the “frum” parties should be learnt from her.
    We all know that if they all ran together they would get at least 25 seats!!!


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