Live Video: NY State Senate to Vote on Toeivah Marriage Today


nys-capitol[Live video below.] The long-anticipated showdown over whether New York will legalize toeivah marriage will be answered today. The matter comes before the state Senate for a vote in the next several hours.”It’s going to the floor,” said Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson, a Brooklyn Democrat.

Will the bill pass?

“I think it’s close,” Sampson said.

What does he want to happen?

“I don’t like to put anything on the floor that’s going to fail,” he responded.

Others, though, said they think it will fail.

“I think it’s dead,” said Sen. Dale Volker, R-Depew, who is opposed.

The Assembly early this morning approved the measure – for a third time – setting up the Senate for the final word.

Gov. David Paterson already has said he will sign the bill into law if passed.

Unlike some other states, such as California and Maine, voters would not get a second chance to either uphold or reject the Legislature’s decision.

Outside the Senate Democratic conference room, a handful of gay-marriage proponents, along with some top lobbyists, frantically worked the area as senators streamed by.

The Western New York delegation has been split on the issue.

Sen. Antoine Thompson of Buffalo has said he is in favor while Sen. William T. Stachowski of Lake View has said he is opposed.

“I don’t think it’s going to happen,” said Sen. Darrell Aubertine, a North Country Democrat.

He is opposed to the measure and believes four Democrats will vote no. The leading opponent, Sen. Ruben Diaz, a Bronx Democrat, said he was going to save his thoughts for the Senate floor debate.

The legislation needs 32 votes in the 62-member chamber to pass. If four Democrats vote no, that would put the Democratic vote at 28 in favor, meaning four Republicans would have to cross over to vote yes.

“It’s going to be a close vote,” said Sen. Thomas Morahan, a Rockland County Republican who until today has been keeping his position secret. He said he will vote no. Morahan was one of the Republicans supporters had hoped to pick off to approve the toeivah-marriage rights.

“I’m optimistic,” said Sen. Liz Krueger, a Manhattan Democrat. But she said it will not pass without GOP support.

“It depends on whether the Republican votes will be delivered,” she said.

If the bill is approved, New York would join New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa and Massachusetts with toeivah marriage statutes. The District of Columbia gave a preliminary approval to toeivah marriage rights on Tuesday.

Watch the debate live below:

{Buffalo News/ Newscenter}


  1. We have to make sure he loses the election next year when he is up for re election. We need to go out to the streets of the lower east side and convince people somehow not to vote for him. He could have veto the bill just like he veto the Jets stadium that was supposed to be built bu the hudson railyards on the west side highway

  2. Governor Paterson, unelected by anybody
    (he became governor after Eliot Spitzer
    was forced to resign for engaging in
    extra-curricula activities), should be
    impeached for his active support of this

    Der Oibershte zuhll helfn dee normale
    menshen, tsadikkim un anshay maaseh
    meer zuhln zoikhe zayn tsoo zehn dee
    mah-puh-leh foon alle reh-shaim vos

    Oh-seh Shalom bim-roh-mav hoo
    yaaseh SHALOM:
    Ah-lay-noo veh al
    Kol Yisrael
    Veh-Im-Roo Amen!


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