Live: Tracking Hurricane Florence 2018


Dangerous winds and flooding threaten the Carolinas as category 2 Hurricane Florence approaches the Southeast coast. Track the hurricane live here, and stick with Fox News for all the latest updates.



  1. anyone that did not listen and did not evacuate, they should be left on their own to suffer the consequences. nobody should risk their lives or spend state or federal money to rescue them.

  2. # 1, Normally one would associate you’re name with Hatzadik. You are an exception and are a Roshoh. Not everyone is able to evacuate for many reasons. And in your evil mind nobody should be rescued? How about the yidden during the holocaust? A lot of them were warned to leave as there was writing on the wall what would happen. Were they also supposed to suffer the consequences ? Where is your humanity ?

  3. These people were warned repeatedly and if they had an issue the authorities were willing to help them work it out. For the most part they did not stay because they could not leave. They wanted to protect their property. Many were interviewed in the preceding days and that is the majority reason they stayed. They were told that there would be no one to rescue them once the storm started. To compare this to the Holocaust is belittling the horrors of the Holocaust. Now they are putting the lives of the rescuers at risk because of their own stubbornness. Mordechai has a point.


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