Litzman Threatens To Bolt, Again, Over IDF Draft Bill


Giving his coalition partners an “unequivocal” ultimatum, the head of the Yahadut Hatorah (UTJ) party said last night that if a bill that exempts his community’s seminary students from the military draft is not passed into law in the next seven weeks, the party will leave the government, likely spelling its untimely end, TOI reports.

“It needs to pass its three readings by the end of this legislative session, otherwise we will leave,” Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman told Army Radio, referring to the Knesset’s summer sitting which comes to an end on July 22. “If the law doesn’t pass, we are leaving the government, unequivocally.”

Litzman’s threat, not his first of this nature, comes ahead of a September deadline set by the High Court of Justice for the Knesset to re-legislate a previous exemption that the court disqualified on the grounds that it violated principles of equality.

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  1. Reb Yankel,
    We would rather you pass a law exempting ALL yeshiva bochurim from military service, by restoring the historic Toraso Unnaso settlement.
    Leaving the coalition won’t solve anything, because Netanyahu and Co. want elections now around the giyus issue, especially while they are enjoying record polls.
    The frum parties are the only ones who stand to lose.
    So instead, stop wasting time, you managed to waste 268 days already, pass a law that will restore the status that was in place before.

    Chazal say a K’sil is someone who repeats his mistake. You messed up once, and sent over 12,000 neshamos to their untimely demise in the indoctrination camp known as the IDF. Dont repeat the mistake.
    With naive hope,

  2. Come on.
    Really enough is enough.
    He is behaving like a spoiled child.

    Either stop playing politics or move on so that a younger more eager and capable MK can do the job and do it right.

    Keep out of the lime light and follow the direct set by the Gedolim you represent not the ones you don’t.

    Politician like nappies should be changed regularly and so the same reason.


    • The problem is, there is NO term limits in the corrupt Knesset and no one EVER retires.


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