Litzman Mulls Expanding Cancer Treatment Offerings


yaakov litzmanIsraeli Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman is reportedly considering expanding Israel’s state-sponsored treatments offered to cancer patients to include psychological counseling and a variety of complementary medicine treatments.

Health Ministry data indicates that there are 280,000 cancer patients living in Israel, and that some 28,000 patients are diagnosed every year. The idea reportedly came to Litzman following a recent visit to London, during which he visited a Jewish-run treatment center.

The center, which relies on donations for its operations, provides patients and their families with a variety of services ranging from group and couples therapy to Pilates, yoga, complementary medicine treatments, genetic counseling services, and legal advice to help patients ensure that their rights vis-à-vis the healthcare system are granted.

“The visit showed us a place that truly puts patient welfare first,” a source who participated in Litzman’s visit told Israel Hayom. “The center’s premise is that there is more [to cancer treatment] than drugs and chemotherapy; that hospitals cannot offer full, holistic treatment, and that there is more to this disease than physical pain. There’s an understanding that a supportive environment helps recovery.”


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  1. I used to be the statistician for the complementary medicine program at the Cancer Center at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and one of my former students is now a health psychologist in Jerusalem. These measures can improve quality of life for cancer patients and I salute Rabbi Litzman for this. Hopefully he can convince the government to go along with it.


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