Litzman Blasts Proposed Budget Cuts


litzman-smallIsraeli Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman today blasted the budget proposal released by the Treasury yesterday as “disgusting” and “impractical” for suggesting cuts to health care services, as well as demanding a fee to be charged patients for the nights they are hospitalized. “To bring up cuts like this is disgusting,” Rabbi Litzman said, adding that “the demand that one pays 50 shekel per day of hospitalization is horrible and it is improper even to suggest it.” “We need to strengthen the weak and fringe elements of society, and I hope that I will receive the support of the prime minister,” the UTJ-Yahadus HaTorah deputy minister continued.

Rabbi Litzman lashed out the budget proposal as “another government plan to harm the sick in Israel,” and said that it was “not practical and lacks responsibility.”

According to the deputy health minister, it was not only the health care system which would suffer should the budget cuts be approved.

“The budget proposal in the form that has been presented… combines lack of understanding in economy, social and human unreceptiveness [as well as] hurting education and employment and a complete lack of responsibility in the fields of state security, the challenge facing Israel and its future.”

{Yair Israel}


  1. Reb L you are doing great in the health ministry. How about getting other Torah Jews to serve in ministries outside of $$$ and housing? There is much input that is needed in our homeland.

  2. Rabbi Shain, n’i!
    Can you elaborate more on Daas Torah about chareidishes joining the government, treasury, etc.?


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