LISTEN TO THIS: Shulem Lemmer Releases Two Songs with the World’s Leading Music Company, Universal Music Group


Shulem – Bring Him Home:

Shulem – Jerusalem Of Gold:


  1. I don’t get the first song. What’s this “Bring him home”? What is the song supposed to mean? I never heard those lyrics before.
    Anyway, beautiful voice. If he’s able to use it to make a parnasa, why not? If used correctly, he can really make a Kiddush Hashem. I wish him Hatzlacha.

  2. It is assur to be with goyim especially to make a song with them not a Hiddur or a minhag just assur

    • its called business. he isnt making a song with them for the fun of it. it is perfectly mutar to do business with goyim.


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