LISTEN: Rav Uren Reich On the Havoc Caused by Misguided and Dangerous Anti-Vaxxers



    • Exactly. This so-called reporting, reminds me of color war when I was a kid. One day the vaxxers take a lead and the next day the anti vaxxers take the lead. Go blue go. Go red go. Such immaturity. With such serious challenges facing our communities, this obsession with the measles has become way overblown.

      • What are “laws of nochrim”?
        Where in halachah is it mentioned that one has to inject his child with dangerous substances? Generally Rabbonim recommend 2nd opinion for medical issues. Besides, many Rabbonim are against these vaccinations altogether. Is it against halachah to listen to these Rabbonim and to 2nd opinion doctors? Must one listen to Rabbonim and doctors who press vaccinations?

  1. Haven’t heard a word from Reb Shmuel who, together with his Rebbetzin, are very against vaccines.
    The Rebbetzin is quoted as saying that vaccines are a hoax.
    I wonder if their grandson, Reb Mordechai, head of Yeshiva of South Shore has ever been vaccinated.
    I bet if Reb Shmuel came out publicly and said everyone should be vaccinated, it would go a long way. But currently, the anti-vaxxers have a big ally amongst the Gedolim. Who dares disagree with Reb Shmuel, who is the Gadol HaDor?

    • Reb Mordechai is not Reb Shmuel’s grandson. He’s a nephew.

      Other Gedolim are also on the other side, including the letter Matzav posted a few years ago which said Reb Chaim did not agree with Dr. Shanick.

    • Your deft attempt to attack Rabbonim was a big chutzpah. Don’t try to be cute with your accusations in question form. If you are so brave, why don’t you confront those Gedolim directly? Rasha.

  2. And Rebbetzin Kotler in Lakewood is also against shots as is her husband the Rosh Yeshiva Rav Malkiel. That is why even the Lakewood sign letting people know someone with measles was in the Bais Medrash doesn’t say anything major other then a suggestion you get a shot or find out if you are immune.

    As mentioned above this story is so overblown already and it is childish to see the name calling and constant reporting. At times I wonder if the only reason the Frum sites are posting this nonsense is because it generates reader traffic and good for their advertisers.

    Genuk Shoin with this non story. Let’s just move on. Everyone go get shots if you want since there is an outbreak and if you don’t want to so don’t cause nobody will convince you to change your mind. But stop the hock.

  3. I understand most of what he says. But…

    I am not sure I agree with what he said about Reb Chaim. Reb Chaim knows who he is talking to. He knows where we are holding in Emunah. And he’s still disagrees with this vaxing issue. And he said that for us. He said schools canot not-accept the non-vaxxers. Period. And btw, Reb Moshe was also not a fan of Dor Yeshorim.

    I think to say we can decide if Reb Chaim knows what he’s talking about or to who he’s talking to, is a horrible thing to say. It is exactly what Rabbi Reich said at first not to do. Sounds to me like a s’tirah.

    Also, what about the main “shoifait” of Lakewood. He’s also not supportive of Lakewood. Besides, Reb Matisyahu also signed against this a few years ago. Why and how does Rabbi Reich decide who is the shoifait, and who is not?

  4. This is amazing. He admits he never researched it “because he doesn’t have time” like most people who don’t have time etc. but then slams others that actually went and researched it !!!! Did it dawn upon them that maybe – just maybe – there is another side to the equation???? There are thousands upon thousands of very intelligent people DOCTORS INCLUDED who see another side but they somehow don’t count !!!!!!

    • I think his point was that even if you yourself researched, why try to convince others of your opinions. Like usual these people miss the point.

  5. I give my kids shots. But to hear him Dismiss the gado hador’s opinion as ‘rabbi shopping’ isn’t right. He would be better off prove his point by mentioning all the gedolim who hold otherwise, such as rav Elyashiv

    • Who said they would hold anything while the Maloch Hamoves is roaming the streets. Their opinion wasn’t given at such a time. Psaks can change when the circumstances change.

  6. NOTHING will change these anti-vax minds until, nebach, it is too late.
    It is like to talking to a wall. So, here is my approach.
    I will only send my kids to a school that demands vaccines. I will only daven in a shul that does the same. My kids will only play with families that vaccinate, etc etc. (Would you let your kid play at a home with a loaded and unsecure gun?)
    The anti-vaxers can have their own schools, shuls and tzibbur. It will, nebach, become a leper colony.
    This has nothing to do with my gezeiros to make them do anything. These are my gezeiros to keep my family safe. And if every other normal pro-vaccine family does this, a gevaldig yeshua may be possible for the innocent children of these misguided anti-vaxxers. Maybe.

    • FED UP
      You can find many people who vaccinated previously (whom you call normal because they vaccinate) and changed their opinion because they listened and saw the light.
      For some reason in your eyes some that vaccinates and than finds out the truth and changes is a fool. Only you and the likes of you are smart.
      Maybe try to find people that didn’t vaccinate because they had a understanding that it doesn’t make sense and changed to become vaxxers, that you won’t find…maybe there is a “NORMAL” reason for the and you are close minded….


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