Listen: Orthodox Chamber of Commerce Responds to Trump Presser Question about Anti-Semitism


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce director Duvi Honig spoke to Aaron Klein about the Donald Trump presser question about anti-Semitism.




  1. Duvi you are an amazing person and you are busy with the klaal. kol hakovod.
    However, you need to learn yourself how to talk in a dialogue outside of the yeshiva world.
    If you cant, then you should hire someone who can. You are becoming more influential for our community and I truly suggest that you take full advantage of someone who will know how to better promote and represent us to the rest of the world. Please take this as constructive criticism. Please keep up your great work.

  2. Why do the Breitbart orthodox shave! New age culture, bury Leviticus? Taking advice from a guard tower generation is hate for Torah. Lesser humor for an orthodox universe. But they pass the disgruntled jew’s test. Kosher with a kippah is cool. Forget the scroll you need to obligate.

    Seriously, Trump era is shame. The holocaust is not a terror for liberal America. We have no idea where it goes but CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN are the freedoms many rely upon for safety. Fox news makes no street safe and just removes the wit from human honored dialogue. No wonder we are now divided.

    No one ever complained about Cronkite who worked for the same networks.

    Yet another era of terror. Its no longer blame the jews. Its now blame the liberals. Often we are one in the same.

    Feel safe my GOP friends? Kasich was dramatically Reganesque. Trump is only the vomit Regan never discussed on TV.

    Ditch your Breitbart sick world news network. We need a more sound future. Horse break for the war bird. There is no faith in G-d in Trump white house.

    Jared Kushner? Love thy neighbor becomes carefully destroy Mexico. A forum for the worst.

    Efforts so small. Jewish interests? Only if you mix your bitter herbs with your diaper rash. This dream of the GOP is undue.

    Bad feelings everywhere. Did we find liberty?

    What a joke.

  3. I am curious as to who appointed Duvi Honig and his Chamber Of Commerce the official title of Representative Of ALL Jews? Nobody asked me if I agree that he should be my representative. What gives someone the right to claim the title of representing ALL Jews. I dont get it

  4. The biggest chutzpah is that who gave OJC the right to speak on behalf of the orthodox jewish community…. THE OU, RCA, Agudah are all the voice of Orthodox Judaism they all have Rabbanim, that are able to give statements who is the daas Torah of OJC….

  5. The problem over here is that there seems to be a vacuum at the leadership of true Orthodox Jewery. We can’t have the Heimisha media outlets (newspapers, magazines, radio, websites, etc…) be our spokespeople. We have always looked to our Gedolim for proper guidance. I think the Gedolim shouldn’t call on these outlets to hold off on the public comments.

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