LISTEN: Michael Savage On Orthodox Jews Defending Themselves



  1. What’s pshat so many Yeshivaleit are so into what this guy has to say??????

    Sure he is far better in so many ways than much of his competitors, but to turn him into a daas Torah?????????

    He needs to be chozer bitshuva and stop interspersing apikorsis into his “geonisdik mamesh moral taanes” and then maybe quote him to me

  2. Sponge cake and diabetes….. how crude of him.
    It’s 1 thing to suggest self defense and I may agree with him on that. But, sponge cake and diabetes… oh come on Michael. Your so much better then that.
    In addition the caller went way off track with Israel and secular studies. He should of stayed on track defending de frimeh velt a bit more. How sad.

  3. Savage. The good man of the bone blood generation. It goes to your head and embolizes. Best to just never call him. He has zero war just the bacon on his mat.

    Its worthless.

    Defend your world. Work hard and let Torah build. Self defense classes are wonderful. Get the police better jobs. We can be protected.

  4. i honestly enjoy listening to him and so do alot of ppl i know. i think he is on target and always interesting and different than the hum drum of the rest of the talk show hosts like rush and sean. he is definitely a tinok shenishba so i don’t think you can classify him as an apikores, but he may still find his way back. he is a mivakesh. he is searching. he might come back. but until then i listen to him every day for about 12 min.


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