LISTEN: Levi Leifer, Boro Park Shmira Director, Comments On Yesterday’s Hachnosas Sefer Torah Debacle




  1. Bottom line: This machlokes between Shomrim and Shmira must stop. Neither group is helping klal Yisroel if they are working at crossed purposes and causing chilul Hash-m.

  2. Dear Mr Leifer

    Everything you say is great besides for that one piece of Loshan Horah

    My friend all the good you’re doing is null and void by the Loshan Horah. Loshan Horah in our community does more damage than any protection you can offer and if you don’t believe that then pls take 5 minutes of your day to learn the laws of shmiras halashon

    There are 5 instances where one may share information and what you shared did not meet all 5 criteria

    You mention Kavod Hatorah. The Torah Hakdosha is crying by the Lashon that you just shared. Yes, you want to clarify whats going on between both of your organizations, however, 1. You couldve shared everything in your message leaving out the part about the other organization and 2. If they have an issue with you guys then work it out amongst yourselves. Why do we need to know all the nasty details. Sit down and talk

    By you saying what they did you’re just as resentful towards them as they are to you using this forum to share the dirt on them

    Gentleman, if you truly want to do good then sit down and talk and work it out amongst yourselves

    Be the bigger man

    This debacle is just going to cause ppl to think of you as fools

    Seriously guys, surrender your egos and grow up

  3. Levi Y. Leifer is a scion of the Nadborna Hasidic dynasty and the leader of Khal Chasidei Berdichev of Staten Island.


  4. one BIG question? fact is the police would never break up a torah parade on a quiet street even w/o a permit. someone with big credentials called some brass and told them to shut this down , this past sunday bp had 4 sefer toras and a bunch of other stuff going on the 66 does not send 5 cruisers to an unauthorised parade they dont have the man power nor interest . ( the 5 crusiers were there way before the fight)
    yes you need to file permits and yes you must respect and obey the officer

  5. The fact is that this is causing atremendous chillel hashem. We do not oen boro park!!!! We are in galus and we must lay low and not incite the gotims hatred. Bear in mind that someone who makes a chillel hashem can only attain kaparah through death. The only way to maybe get a kaparah is to do a kiddush hashem. So lets go …. get up and apologize for making a fool of jews all over!!!!!

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