List of Stores for Purchasing Chometz After Pesach 5779


Chometz may be purchased immediately after Pesach 2019 at the following stores, as per information provided by the Star-K:

Coffee Bean
Colonial Liquors
Dugan’s Liquor
Food Lion
Market Maven
Royal Farms
Sam’s Club
Savings Center 4003 Seven Mile Lane
Seven Mile Market
Shoppers Food Warehouse
Shoprite 37 Aylesbury Road, Timonium
Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods
Wine Loft

Due to issues regarding possible Jewish owned distributors, in general, it is commendable not to purchase chometz from Target until the Sunday after May 26.

When Chometz May Be Purchased After Pesach From Stores/Distributors That Do Not Sell Their Chometz:

Major Jewish Owned Supermarkets that do not sell their Chometz
Sunday, May 12, 2019 (2 weeks after Pesach)
Supermarkets that Purchase from Jewish owned Distributors that do not sell their Chometz
Sunday, May 26, 2019 (4 weeks after Pesach)
Jewish Owned Liquor Stores that do not sell their Chometz
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 (after Shavous)

Beer After Pesach in Maryland
There is an issue of Chometz She’avar Alav HaPesach regarding many brands of beer sold in the state of Maryland. For specific information regarding which brands and locations are affected, see

Beer After Pesach in New York
As is well known, many brands of beer sold in New York City and surrounding counties are distributed by a Jewish owned company. Although a number of Rabbonim have worked with the company to affect a mechiras chometz, long standing STAR-K policy has always been not to rely on a mechira in these types of situations. Each individual should consult his Rav for guidance.



  1. In the Star-K book it says they are only speaking about the Baltimore area, not nationwide, in other areas need to check with your vaad.

  2. Where is the link to this list on Star-K’s website? I got an email from Kosher Alert and BJs was not on the list of allowed companies


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