List of Prisoners To Be Released Includes Terrorists Involved In Sbarro, Cafe Moment Suicide Bombings, Perpetrators of Ramallah Lynch, and Murderers of Nachshon Wachsman


palestinian-terroristsThe names of some of the most notorious terrorists in Israeli history, including the masterminds of several suicide bombings and kidnappings, appeared on the Israel Prison Service’s official list of 1,027 security prisoners set to be released in exchange for Staff Sgt. Gilad Shalit, who has been held in Hamas captivity for more than five years.

Shalit is set to be returned to Israel on Tuesday as part of the first phase of the prisoner exchange, which will see 450 male prisoners and 27 female prisoners released from Israeli jails. Their names and destinations following their release are also detailed on the prison service website.

Most of the prisoners on the list are set to be transferred on Sunday to the Ketziot Prison, near Israel’s southern border with Egypt. A small group of male prisoners and the list’s female prisoners will be gathered first at Sharon Prison north of Tel Aviv. All will go through rigorous security screenings and medical examinations before they are released.

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On Sunday, Israel Prison Service Commissioner Aharon Franco assembled a group of defense establishment officials and prison service wardens and gave the initial orders for the 477 prisoners’ release.

The Israel Prison Service website provided detailed information as to where each released prisoner was headed after leaving jail. Prisoners numbered 1-131 will return to their homes in Gaza and 132-186 will return to their homes in Judea and Samaria or east Jerusalem. Prisoners 187-241 will also return to their homes, but they are subject to special restrictions on their movement. Prisoners 242-281 will be sent abroad; prisoners 282-299 will be sent to Gaza for three years only and prisoners 300-444 will be sent to Gaza permanently. A select number, prisoners 445-450, will return to their homes in Israel.

Female prisoners, 451-477, will return to their homes, excluding 473, Ahlam al-Tamimi, who was one of the masterminds of the 2001 Sbarro pizzeria bombing in Jerusalem will be sent to Jordan, and 474, and Muna Amna who lured a 16-year-old boy from Ashkelon to Ramallah, where he was then murdered by two Fatah terrorists.

Several other prisoners on the list who are serving life sentences also stand out.

Yehia Sanwar and Jihad Yaghmur were involved in the kidnapping and murder of Nachshon Wachsman. Sanwar founded Hamas’ security unit in Gaza, and his brother was part of the group of terrorists that planned the Shalit abduction.

Mohammed Shratkha, serving three life sentences, was the leader of a terrorist cell that captured and murdered Ilan Sa’adon and Avi Sasportas.

Walid Anajas, sentenced to 36 life sentences, was involved in the Cafe Moment bombing in Jerusalem in 2002 and in another terror attack in Rishon Lezion.

Also to be released are several perpetrators involved in the violent and videotaped October 2000 lynch of IDF reservists Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami in Ramallah.

Following the publication of the list of names, Prison Service commanders notified prisoners of their impending releases on Sunday morning. For the next two days, before the set handover on Tuesday, general preparations will take place for identifying the prisoners, performing medical examinations and gearing up for the transfer.

Those prisoners headed first for Ketziot Prison will be transferred on Sunday morning under the strict watch of Prisons Service Nachshon Unit. The small group of female prisoners and the male prisoners will be assembled first at the Sharon prison for an additional security check, including a video identification to be performed by Prison Service personnel together with other representative organizations, among them the International Red Cross.

The police have launched an unprecedented security operation outside of both the Sharon and Ketziot prisons in order to nip any potential clashes in the bud. It is expected that Israelis opposed to the deal will stage protests, and the security is designed to keep any rallies and demonstrations in check.

Police will also guard the fleet of buses carrying the prisoners to the planned release points in the Gaza strip, Judea and Samaria, east Jerusalem and Umm al-Fahm.

Jerusalem residents say they will watch released prisoners

Jerusalem residents have launched a new initiative, dubbed “Melavim,” to share information and warnings about the released prisoners.

“We will pursue the terrorists that are released in Jerusalem and warn [residents] about them,” said Aryeh King, from the Ma’aleh Hazaytim neighborhood in east Jerusalem. “When a pedophile is released, people in his neighborhood are warned. It would seem only appropriate that the Jerusalem public be warned about the terrorists returning to the streets of their city. It doesn’t seem reasonable that a released terrorist would come to clarify his or her water bill at the municipality, or sit next to another citizen on the light rail, and that people would not know that this is a murderer who never regretted his actions and is likely to murder again.”

King and other right-wing activists plan to display photographs of the released Jerusalem prisoners and distribute them with the words “Warning: Murderer.”

{Israel Hayom, Yair Israel}


  1. theres no inyan of pidyon shvuyim if it’s gonna encourage them to do it again,as they announced that they’ll try harder to do it again

  2. This should not happen. This is a recipe for suicide of the legitimacy of the State of Israel as is known to today’s world.
    There are a lot of smart politicians all over Israel government.
    who are working behind the media curtain.
    They will not and should not allow this to happen.

  3. The absurdity of this deal is astounding, not only does it legitimize Hamas, it legitimizes their modus operandi; there is no reason why they shouldn’t continue with similar attempts, if Israel won’t cave from the suicide attacks themselves, they can just rack up a bill of attacks, i.e. attacks Lo Alainu, and if they get caught, they can just repeat this situation and make another party of it.

    Why can’t it be seen as is the fact; Israel has the upper hand in the negotiations. -We have x amount of security prisoners. If the captive is not back within five days, we eliminate them one at a time, starting from the most valuable chip.
    If anything happens to him Rachmana Litzlan, we take out a hundred that have blood on their hands, no sweat, no guilt.

    Israel can still bargain, one for one, but nothing more.

    The way I see it, if this was the direction of negotiations, I don’t think Mashaal Ym”SH would gloat about more abduction attempts.

  4. Please take the time to read this petition and sign it,
    We all want to see Gilad Shalit brought home but think of the trauma for the families of former terrorist victims like my niece and nephew who lost their 15 year old daughter, Malka Chana Roth, and her best friend, in the Sabaro massacre. There should be some exceptions to the murderers that are relaeased.

    From: Arnold Roth []
    Sent: Saturday, October 15, 2011 4:45 PM
    To: Ada Moseson
    Subject: Urgent request: help us remove our daughter’s murderer from the freedom list

    Dear Tante Ada,

    Please consider passing this heartfelt request along urgently to your contacts.

    This is a very personal request to sign a petition that we created in the last few hours, online here:

    Under normal circumstances, requests to sign a petition are unlikely to lead to any significant outcomes. In this case, we are hoping to do something important.

    This petition asks for the removal of one specific name from the list of more than one thousand terrorists, including hundreds of convicted murderers, to be published by the government of Israel tomorrow, Sunday. That list is the basis of a transaction by which Israel will get back Gilad Shalit, held hostage by the terrorists of Hamas for more than five years. The deal involves Israel throwing open the gates of its top-security prisons and issuing wholesale pardons. My wife Frimet and I have expressed our principled objection to the deal. While others are busy trying to stop it in the courts, we are focusing our energies on one specific person, and getting her off the list.

    Her name is Tamimi. An article in today’s New York Times [ ] provides some background:
    Among those is Ahlam Tamimi, a 31-year-old woman who was a key figure in the pizzeria attack. She is often described as the driver of the car that brought the suicide bomber to the Sbarro restaurant and killed 15 people. But the Roths say her role went far beyond that, to the actual planning of the attack. In interviews from prison, Ms. Tamimi, who was a journalist, has told of having brought the suicide bomber to Jerusalem and then going on Palestinian television’s afternoon broadcast to announce the news of the attack without acknowledging her involvement. “I’m not sorry for what I did,” she told an Israeli news organization in 2006. “I will get out of prison, and I refuse to recognize Israel’s existence. Discussions will only take place after Israel recognizes that this is Islamic land.”
    The Roths said their anger over the prisoner exchange was focused on Ms. Tamimi, who is being sent to Jordan. She is young, fervent and charismatic, Mr. Roth said, and proud of what she did. In a documentary on Palestinian prisoners, she was asked whether she knew how many children had been killed in the attack. She did not. When told the number was eight, she smiled.
    There is a fuller background about the circumstances in which our daughter was murdered on the Keren Malki website: . And there are many articles on the web tonight showing her family and supporters celebrating her impending return to freedom and to a full and active life as a heroine and inspiration. We are continuously blogging some of them at our site:

    Time is very limited. We really only have until Sunday (16th October) to get a significant number of signatures. If we succeed, we can then put pressure on the Prime Minister’s Office and the Justice Ministry and publicize this in the media.

    Even if you do not normally sign petitions, or pass them along to friends, we ask you to seriously consider signing this one. Once again, it’s online here:

    Finally, allow me to mention that Keren Malki, the non-sectarian not-for-profit we created in our daughter’s memory in 2001, does very good work in our murdered daughter’s name for the benefit of families raising a special-needs child. Your support for that work will be much appreciated. More at

    Thank you for reading this far. Together with our friends and their friends, we hope – despite the odds – to do something constructive in the face of the terrible transaction being done with the terrorists of Hamas.

    Good wishes, Moadim Lesimcha, and Shavua Tov,
    Arnold Roth

    Arnold Roth, PO Box 23637 Jerusalem 91236 Israel
    Office +972-2-586-4323 | Mobile +972-54-560-1002
    Calling from the United States? This US number reaches me in Israel: 1-201-256-1516


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