Lipman: I Experience These Attacks Every Day


 dov-lipmanToday, at a parade for Israel in New York City, a female Shas activist hurled verbal abuse at MK Dov Lipman of Yesh Atid, who has partnered with Yair Lapid and others to cut yeshiva budgets and implement the drafting of yeshiva bochurim in the Israeli army. Lipman’s party also made its joining the government conditional on having chareidi parties remain outside it.

The Shas activist interrupted an interview that Lipman was giving Arutz Sheva, expressing strong opposition to his policies and action.

“I experience these attacks every day,” Lipman said in response.

{ Newscenter}


  1. “Hurled verbal abuse..”

    So, disagreeing with Dov boy is “verbal abuse”. But his disgusting and slanderous accusations against all Yeshiva students etc etc is not “verbal abuse”?

  2. Cutting corners sometimes leaves the hole in your fence open for a little bit of anger and resentment. But I think he ultimately has a purpose.

  3. Hes such a fool because when he is disposed of, he will have noone to turn to and will stick get all these attacks

  4. to comment #5, Mr.Anonymous:

    I don’t know what pupose he serves, other then to undermine Torah, r”l. No wonder why you call yourself “Anonymous”.

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