Links to Recent STAR-K Webinar-Total Lunar Eclipse; Two Adars


Do you remember the great total solar eclipse of 2017? This coming Tu B’Shvat brings us a total lunar eclipse! Ever wonder what happens during the eclipse, how a lunar eclipse is different than a solar eclipse, and if it is a bad siman for Klal Yisroel? Also, this year brings us two Adars – do you know about its background and its halachic differences?

On Wednesday, December 26, 2018, STAR-K’s Telekosher Conference Series featured noted author and lecturer on astronomy and Jewish Law, Rabbi Dovid Heber, who discussed “Special Calendar Events 5779”, with Teleconference host, Rabbi Zvi Goldberg. Questions were encouraged during the 40-minute webinar from the listening audience.


CLICK THESE TO HEAR SHORT WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS:  – What is a lunar eclipse?   -Is one required to recite a brocha on an eclipse?  – Lunar eclipse simulator  – Eclipse and Kiddush Levana  – Eclipse and Tu B’Shvat  – Is an eclipse a bad sign?  – What is Purim Katan?  – Why will there not be any Bar Mitzvahs in Adar Rishon this year?  – In which month will there never be a Bas Mitzvah?  – Yerushalmi Jew Who Reads the Megillah in the U.S. on 15 Adar  – A hint as to the number of simanim in Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim


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