Limbaugh: Obama ‘Absurd’ On Red Line


limbaugh-rushRush Limbaugh mocked President Barack Obama’s statement that he did not set the red line, calling it “absurd” and “hilarious.”

“He didn’t set the red line…It’s hilarious, it’s absurd and it typifies exactly what we know,” Limbaugh said on his show Wednesday according to a transcript. “Believe me, if he could have blamed Bush for it, he would have. But I think even he knew that that might not fly. So blame it on the world.”

Limbaugh did an impression of the president on the show, the transcript noted, saying while he did it, “Well, I didn’t do that! You didn’t build it! I didn’t set the red line; the world did.”

The conservative radio host claimed that the apparent backtrack by the president was just another example of Obama using whatever he can for his political agenda in blaming the Republicans for his problems.

“He didn’t draw the red line, his credibility isn’t on the line; international community did this. He doesn’t know even what he’s talking about here. The Republicans, they came up with that resolution forbidding the use of chemical weapons just to embarrass him, just to stop him, just to hamstring him, just to make him look bad. Those villains,” Limbaugh said.

“That was the purpose of this BS today and that’s why to me this is the theater of the absurd. I’m just going to tell you, the people that have designs on us, and we have enemies, they’re watching this and they’re not dazzled and awestruck by Obama. They’re watching somebody bumbling and stumbling through this and they’re seeing opportunities present themselves for them to advance their ideas,” he added.


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