Limbaugh: ‘Establishment’ Trying to ‘Rig’ Debates to ‘Humiliate and Embarrass’ Cruz, Trump


On his show today, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh speculated on what led Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to take the type of tack he took in the Motzoei Shabbos debate on CBS, particularly as he attacked former President George W. Bush and commended Planned Parenthood, BREITBART reports.

BREITBART adds that Limbaugh went on to discuss that booing in the debate and said the possible cause of the booing was to make not only Trump look bad, but his opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%
(R-SC) look bad as well.

“I don’t recall a Republican – any Republican debate – with the amount of booing that I heard on Saturday night,” he continued. “I remember debates with very little applause, but not outright booing. It wasn’t just Trump. It was Cruz as well.”

“The establishment is trying to rig these debates as they are seen on TV,” Limbaugh said. “The establishment was trying to humiliate and embarrass Ted Cruz and Trump. And I think it really ticked Trump off and may have been – I’m wild-guessing here – it may have been one of the reasons why he was the victim of emotional incontinence.” BREITBART



  1. Rush is %100 percent right. It was only by Bush & Kasich that the crowd was cheering for. The 2 frauds, Karl Rove & Reince Priebus, have been trying to destroy the Republican party for so many years. It was THEY who brought us the 2 LOSERS, Mittens & McShame. I’m surprised they don’t throw Gilmore out there. Maybe that’s why he’s still in the running.

  2. Trying to embarrass Trump would be the ultimate exercise in futility.
    I do agree that the GOP establishment would rather not see Trump, Cruz or anyone else who’s unelectable in the general election become the party’s presidential nominee.


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