Limbaugh: Don’t Be Fooled – Debt Deal Means More Taxes


rush-limbaughWhether the deal to reduce the government deficit passes or not, says radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, the American people are still going to get a tax increase.

“Any way you slice it you are going to get tax increases. That’s how [messed] we are,” he said.

Limbaugh blames the complex accounting done by the Congressional Budget Office, he said on his radio show on Monday.

President George W. Bush’s tax cuts that are due to expire at the end of next year, he says. If Obama extends the cuts, the CBO will consider that a $ 5 trillion reduction in government income which will have to be made up elsewhere. If they expire, that’s a direct tax hike on Americans, Limbaugh said.

“Anyone wanting to tell you there are no tax increases in this technically may be right, this piece of legislation does not have a specific tax increases in it. But what’s slated to happen over the next few months results in one,” Limbaugh said.

“There hasn’t been a significant cut in spending,” he added. “There’s nothing that’s going to affect the rate of growth of government, nothing that’s making it smaller.”

Limbaugh said the current deal will give Obama the perfect argument to use during his reelection campaign because it’s a deal designed to continue economic decline.

“He’ll say ‘we tried slashing government spending, I went along with it and it didn’t help. Can we all agree now finally that the rich will have to pay their fair share?’ ”

“That’s what I see coming down the pike as part of Obama’s reelection narrative.”

Limbaugh played an excerpt from White House press secretary Jay Carney’s briefing in which he made it clear that Congress’ 12-person commission would not be barred from increasing taxes. “One of the selling points for Republicans is that it will be impossible for this select commission to raise taxes. Jay Carney disagrees.

“These are the presumptions that everyone’s been acting on, the White House is saying, no, you’re wrong.”

Limbaugh said the media has been falling over itself to praise the deal, and that is further proof that it has faults.

“The media is calling this a victory in order to get the house Republicans to vote for it, calling it a big win for the tea party.

“”The left wants the pols to say that this grand bipartisan bill has gutted government spending,” he added. “It’s all part of the tea party winning. The left will embark on an all-out effort to declare the ‘debt ceiling elevator deal’ as a huge cut in the size of government. Government haters win – blah, blah, blah.

“So when the economy continues to implode, and it will by design – this is a campaign year, it is a presidential election year – they’re going to portray this as a massive cut in government. You’ve seen it. That’s why everybody is talking about it being a big win for the tea party.”

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  1. Mr. Limbaugh is one of the best analysis of public policy in the United States today. That he is able to accomplish this with his well-known humor is a testament to his effective creativity.

  2. Mr. Limbaugh is a vulgar, egomaniacal disinformation artist. Like his fellow lowbrow demagogues (“Savage” aka Weiner, Levin, Hannity, Beck…), he cynically invokes noble sentiments of virtue, morality, patriotism, family, etc. in the service of trans-national corporations whose only values are maximizing their profits at any and all costs. An elite, privileged sector, comprising a mere fraction of the population, the corporate interests that Limbaugh and his colleagues serve prosper extravagantly at the direct detriment of the rest of the populace; through deceiving and preying-upon the masses in numerous ways.

    A quick internet search will show that that countless inaccuracies, distortions, misleading statements and outright lies of these unsavory individuals have been exposed and documented.

    That so many frumme Yidden worship personality cult leaders like this is is a rank embarrassment and disgrace.

  3. I have been listening (unwillingly) to this guy for decades. I was working as a mashgiach and they had him all day talking predicting doom and gloom all “because of democrats”.

    To me he is nothing more than a demagogue that makes money out of the concern and fears of people as well a well to do alarmist that prey on the fears of people.

    If you want the truth get Daas Torah!

  4. Why is Rush Limbaugh your authority on politics? Do you (Matzav people) actually believe everything he says??

  5. Rush Limbaugh is one of the very very few gentiles that come closest to the ideals of the Torah HaKedosha.

    Of course no gentile comes close, but comparatively speaking Rush is definitely one of the good ones. Rush is one of the Chasidei Umos HaOlam and is always at the forefront of defending Jews, Judaism, and Israel.

  6. Saying that Rush Limbaugh who is a known drug abuser and an agitator and a neofascist comes close to Torah Ideals is like saying that Idi Amin was a humanitarian.

  7. #7 wrote:

    Rush Limbaugh is one of the very very few gentiles that come closest to the ideals of the Torah HaKedosha.

    Even if Mr. Limbaugh’s conduct in his personal life were exemplary, the moral crimes I already described that he is guilty of in his professional one are more than enough to make your characterization not only utterly preposterous but also offensive.

    (The Torah calls the dishonest use of inaccurate weights and measures “toeivah“- an abomination. How much more so the predation that is at the very heart of the prevailing global economic system. The insidious, nefarious manipulation of the democratic process and the entire political system. Demagogues and disinformation artists such as Mr. Limbaugh and his many imitators play an essential, indispensable role in these crimes perpetrated by transnational corporations and other elite, privileged, private interests.

    How so?

    By exploiting fears, sentiments and real grievances of the working and middle class in order to get them to vote against their own interests. Through the use of shrewd, cunning tactics, the working-class and poor are deceived and manipulated into taking positions and supporting policies that benefit a tiny minority of the population at the direct expense-, and to the direct detriment- of the vast majority of the population.

    I could fill pages and pages with specific examples. And we see so many right here at this and similar sites, in the comments as well as many of the articles themselves.

    For now, I will simply link to a separate post of mine, in which I quote from economists Michael Hudson and Richard Wolff on the debt ceiling a situation- a prime example of what I just described: )

    But let’s look at Mr. Limbaugh’s personal life for a moment, shall we?

    The great champion of “family values” is on his third wife and has a total of zero children (biological or adopted).

    The moralizer who condemned people struggling with addiction and took a hardline, zero-tolerance stance on drugs, turned-out to be an addict himself. Limbaugh repeatedly violated the very laws and policies that he supported and, to the best of my knowledge, continues to support.

    The title of this piece is :
    “Limbaugh: Don’t Be Fooled – Debt Deal Means More Taxes”

    I suggest that a more appropriate title would be:

    The Facts: Don’t be Fooled- Limbaugh is a Duplicitous, Pompous Hypocrite

    Some apropos material:

    Why Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh Should Stop Exploiting Their Addictions for Petty Theatrics
    By Jonathan M. Metzl, Beacon Broadside

    An excerpt:

    Both Beck and Limbaugh invoke the centuries-old moral model of addiction, based on the belief that addicted persons suffered defects of character or of the moral “soul” — not coincidentally the very term used by Beck. In the 19th century, American society equated substance use with “moral decay,” and defined an addict’s suffering as just punishment for past sins. The afflicted were often grouped with such other social undesirables as criminals, rapists, and paupers. Over the last half century, secular and spiritual organizations have worked tirelessly to reverse such discrimination by promoting understandings of addiction as a disease caused by a complex web of genetic, biological, and social factors. The result dramatically increased public acceptance. Beck and Limbaugh reap the benefits of this evolution in thinking — in earlier eras, both men would have been castigated and shunned by the very constituents they now seek to lead — even as they cynically undermine its basic principles.

    Second, as Beck and Limbaugh fully realize, the platforms both men support would eliminate funding for substance abuse recovery programs. Here, it is not just banks and economies that would be allowed to “fail”; it is also persons whose lives would be ruined without access to treatment and social support. In this seemingly un-Christian trickle down, the hardest hit would include lower income Americans, members of minority populations, and families without health insurance.

    Transcripts of a number of Mr. Limbaugh’s hardline, judgmental comments on drug addiction and policy:


    And, finally, some excerpts from a statement given by Congressman Ron Paul, a medical doctor, before the House of Representatives in 2004.

    The full statement can be found at

    In cases where patients are not high profile celebrities like Mr. Limbaugh, it is pain management physicians who bear the brunt of overzealous prosecutors. Faced with the failure of the war on drugs to eliminate drug cartels and kingpins, prosecutors and police have turned their attention to pain management doctors, using federal statutes designed for the prosecution of drug dealers to prosecute physicians for prescribing pain medicine.

    By waging this war on pain physicians, the government is condemning patients to either live with excruciating chronic pain or seek opioids from other, less reliable, sources– such as street drug dealers.

    Under the guise of prosecuting the drug war, law enforcement officials can rummage through patients’ personal medical records and, as may be the case with Mr. Limbaugh, use information uncovered to settle personal or political scores. I am pleased that AAPS, along with the American Civil Liberties Union, has joined the effort to protect Mr. Limbaugh’s medical records

    [emphasis mine- O.I.]

    Finally, I wish to express my hope that Mr. Limbaugh’s case will encourage his many fans and listeners to consider how their support for the federal war on drugs is inconsistent with their support of individual liberty and constitutional government.

    Note the reference to the dreaded ACLU, which has long been a lightning rod for demagogues of Mr. Limbaugh’s ilk!

  8. I agree that Mr. Rush Limbaugh is one of Jews best friends amongst the goyim. Mr. Limbaugh is very frequently on the air defending conservative Judaism, defending Israel against the Arabs and defending Israel against the Democrats. Mr. Limbaugh is well known for his long fight against the anti-semites both in the U.S. and around the world.

    In short, Jews don’t have too many friends in the world. But Rush is one of our staunch defenders.

    Thank You Rush Limbaugh, on behalf of religious Torah observant Jews around the world!


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