Like Animals: Philadelphia Goes Berserk After First Eagles Super Bowl Win

PHILADELPHIA, PA - FEBRUARY 04: People climb traffic poles as Philadelphia Eagles fans celebrate victory in Super Bowl LII game against the New England Patriots on February 4, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania..(Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images)
What better way to celebrate your city’s first Super Bowl win than risking your life to perform a trust-fall off the Ritz-Carlton?

Philadelphia went absolutely nuts last night and this morning after their football team, the Eagles won Super Bowl LII, beating the New England Patriots 41-33.

Fans tweeted footage of dumpster fires, smashed shop windows, and the eventual collapse of the canopy at the Ritz-Carlton at the Bellevue. The celebrations are likely to go on for days, with the Eagles’ official victory parade reported to be happening Wednesday.

Read more at the PHILLY VOICE.


  1. Sadly this avodah zara has infiltrated our community with nebbach, parties and get togethers. Celebrating a goyishe pastime.
    Shumu shomayim

  2. I was in philly last night. It was crazy. Cars on fire, public drunkenness, store windows smashed and then someone announced that the eagles won the super bowl.

  3. Doctors on call. Beware. This world is consumptive.

    Go Eagles. A good game. I can think that even my young kid who did have an Eagles poster on my wall is happy. My daring other team is so bad that no one can think that the sun is coming out for our kickoffs.

    America. Will we ever know better football? Only the Superbowl. Its really a fun game. (The only one I watched this year too!).


  4. Schnitzel. Eat. Do shekels in the left pocket jingle less? Think about it. Also ,why do elephants like white noise? Are pickles cognizant on the mustard ? And if yes, why are humming birds sneaky?


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