Lieberman: McCain’s Vote Against ObamaCare Repeal Was A Vote Against ‘Mindless Partisanship’


Lieberman spoke during McCain’s funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral on Saturday, saying the senator’s notorious thumbs-down vote against an ObamaCare repeal was a vote against “mindless partisanship.”

“When John returned to the Senate after his surgery last summer and voted against the Republican health-care bill, some people accused him of being disloyal to his party and the president,” Lieberman said. “But that was not the case.”

Lieberman said that the speech McCain gave that night showed his true intentions.

“That speech made clear that his vote was not against that bill but against the mindless partisanship that has taken control in both of our political parties and our government and produced totally one-sided responses to complicated national problems like health care.”

“And, of course, he was right,” Lieberman added.

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  1. Sorry, first he was against Obamacare then when trump saw through him and showed him for what he was he dropped the facade of being proamerican and voted for Obamacare. Not because it was right but because he wanted to hurt trump.

    What kind of crazy is it to hurt our own troops by not torturing an evil Islamic terrorist? Again, his personal feelings got in the way of keeping countless Americans alive. No, he wasn’t a hero or even a patriot. He was a hurtful human being and probably amazed every time he pulled the wool over the eyes of another sucker.

  2. Jet in to the candid work on the ACA. It was the only reason that Obama may have held office but its not going to get the world started on future health care. It fixes only the prank that the poor create. Mad house worried housing.

    A wonder if the good can fix upon our future a good motion to amend this act of congress. Stand it alone. We can think that our nation can deliver a manner of good hope. Make the Affordable Care Act the Reliable Care Act. We might just then favor a humane future by which we can make care reliably humane and not cheaply affordable.

    This is the problem.

  3. McCain’s vote against the ObamaCare repeal was a vote against the American people in general and President Trump in particular. He hated the American people and wanted to get even before he died and even more even with America’s Greatest President Ever. Now that he’s dead, time for a new vote.

  4. Possibly he was thinking of the thousands of people who had diseases like his who without the ACA wouldn’t have had any access to any kind of medical care like he did and would have been condemned to quick and painful deaths. With all its many many flaws, ACA did save thousands of lives.

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