Lieberman: Israel Ready for Talks Anytime


liebermanIsraeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman commented before members of his party Yisrael Beiteinu on speeches by President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on the peace process.

Reiterating the stance that Israel should not enter into negotiations with preconditions, Lieberman said, “The prime minister and I stressed that the State of Israel is willing to engage in negotiations at any given moment, without dictation or preconditions. But we will not accept any dictations or preconditions.”

The foreign minister also offered his opinion on the possible right of return for Palestinian refugees. “Those who speak of the right of return are referring – with or without their knowledge – to the demise of the State of Israel,” he said.

“There will be no negotiations on the right of return. Once we open this up to just one refugee we will be receiving millions.”

Lieberman also thanked the prime minister for his visit to the US. “I want to express my support in the prime minister and his important mission. He inspired respect and presented the widest consensus in Israeli society,” he said.

“There is no need to turn every difference of opinion with the Americans into a drama or apocalypse,” he added, referring to a speech made by Obama on Thursday, in which he urged Israel to retreat to the 1967 borders. “I think the common ground is more significant than the dispute.”

Obama spoke before AIPAC’s annual conference Sunday, and clarified that peace talks with the Palestinians should be based on a withdrawal to the 1967 borders excepting certain negotiated exchanges of land.

{Ynet News/ Newscenter}


  1. As soon as there is a partner in peace, Israel will make the first move. HAMAS are terrorists, whomever decides to band together with HAMAS are terrorists too. Quite simple equation.

  2. Sure Lieberman wants talks any time. The only precondition is that Israel doesn’t give back one inch! He doesn’t want peace, he wants the West Bank, and when the US media isn’t listening, he’s very upfront about it. Try reading the Israeli media. He’s a little more candid there.


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