Lieberman Calls For Boycott Of Arab Businesses Over Protests


Israel’s defense minister is calling for a boycott of Arab businesses in northern Israel following protests against President Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

Avigdor Lieberman said on Sunday that Arabs in Wadi Ara, located in northern Israel, “do not belong to the state of Israel” after hundreds rioted and protested in the wake of Trump’s announcement, The Associated Press reported.

“Moreover, I would call on all citizens of Israel — stop going to their stores, stop buying, stop getting services, simply a boycott on Wadi Ara. They need to feel that they are not welcome here,” Lieberman said. Read more at The Hill.



  1. That’s stupid and immature. What does boycotting honest hard-working Arabs have to do with stopping terror? I see Avigdor has been hitting the bottle again.

    • Dear Half in the bag, how did you surmise that Lieberman is “hitting the bottle” – projecting from your personal experience, aren’t you? Besides, if you believe that “honest hard working” Arabs belong in Eretz Yisroel living together with Jews, your meds aren’t working for you.


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