Lichtenstein: Amazon Pullout Was Worst Day For NYC Since 9-11


Lightstone Group’s David Lichtenstein said Friday that Amazon’s about-face on its New York megacomplex was the “worst day for NYC since 9-11.”

On Thursday, Amazon abandoned a deal to build a Long Island City campus, which was to bring 25,000 new jobs to New York and would create, by some expectations, $27 billion in tax revenue over a decade due to pressure from local politicians who criticized a $3 billion tax break extended by the city.

Lichtenstein, who runs Lightstone, a major developer with a $3 billion portfolio across New York, Miami and Los Angeles, ad owns a 428-unit rental building less than two miles from where Amazon’s campus was set to rise, called Amazon’s decision to end the project the worst thing to happen to New Ypork City snce the Twin Towers were destroyed.

“Except this time, the terrorists were elected,” the developer added in an email to The Real Deal.

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  1. Actually more businesses will pick up on the toxic atmosphere in nyc and go elsewhere
    Obama doesn’t care
    Aoc doesn’t care
    Time to vote Republican

  2. I don’t know who this Lichtenstein person is, nor do I care, but for him to compare this to Sep.11th where close to 3000 innocent human beings lost their lives, is asinine! Who cares about some wealthy guy’s 428 unit building?! What a selfish moron.

  3. I despise the leftists as much as the next person, but when Amazon is set to receive billions in tax breaks, and will pay 0 federal tax on 11 billion dollars in profits in 2018, it leaves you wondering.

  4. When Amazon is eventually busted up for gross violations of antitrust law and predatory business practices, New York City will realize how lucky it was to not be stuck in a deal with the worlds wealthiest adulterer.Unfortunately Mr Lichtenstein has erred and made a fool of himself with his ignorant,insensitive,uninformed comparison of a scuttled, corrupt, back room business deal, to the the attack of 9-11. He already lost my respect with his shabby treatment of Dr. Brian Hooker, and Del Bigtree who he had on his self righteous podcast.

  5. Absolutely an astounding chilul sheim shamayim!
    The foolish answer, of course, will be that he was not comparing it to 9-11, he was simply saying that it is the worst day since 9-11 and he would readily admit that this pales in comparison to 9-11.
    But that is nonsense!
    The fact that he used 9-11 in any way is an insult.
    He should have been far more sensitive.
    He should not be using tragedies like 9-11 to prove his point.
    Families of firefighters and fallen heroes are up in arms about this.
    He mailed this in to the Real Deal.
    Nobody asked him for his opinion.
    He offered it.
    For shame!

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