Liberman Squabbles With Chief Rabbi Over Women In The IDF


Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman declared on Saturday that banned a number of influential rabbis from engaging in Israel Defense Force events, following a string of controversial comments made regarding integration of female soldiers into the army.

Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu of Tzfas urged IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot to resign from his position amid the increased push for the integration of women in combat units. “The army has adopted a crazy feminist agenda,” he said reported the Times of Israel. “I don’t know what’s gotten into Eisenkot. Cabinet ministers and the prime minister should tell Eisenkot, ‘you have to go packing and go home, you have no motivation to enlist especially waging war on religious soldier’.”

“Women have always been part of the security of the Jewish people, from Deborah the prophet…to Hannah Szenes,” he said speaking at an event in Ashdod, making reference revolutionary historical female figures. “The present radicalization is completely unreasonable.”

Liberman added that there was “no place” for such remarks and that rabbis who are employed by the state of Israel, “must represent the state.”

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  1. Got news for you Mr.Leiberman, the rabbis’ views do represent the state .Those of the leftist, radical feminist agenda do NOT!

  2. rabbis employed by the jewish state and salaried by the jewish state are required to represent the jewish state AS LONG AS THE STATE REMAINS JEWISH!!

    • Yes it is. There were those who protested the fact that stores started getting warnings for being open on Shabbos, so Lieberman was mechazek them.

  3. No religious Jew should join the israeli army. It’s not an army. It’s a secular anti Torah indoctrination center. The other reason they are bringing in so many girls into the army, both religious and non religious is to get young guys to join the army as well. It’s not working. Even among secular Israelis the army is looked down upon and many either fake mental tests or leave the country. The army is just a tool for the fat cat politicians that release hundreds of convicted Arab murderers but won’t release one Jew who hurt an Arab. The army has been filled with toeiva captains as well as degenerative individuals.

  4. PM Netanyahu needs to curb his Liberman. Liberman needs to shut his mouth and take care of his comrade Ruskies and leave the real Jews alone. He doesn’t like Jewish Law? Let him go back to his old country. Ungrateful Jerk!

  5. There is NO need for women in the IDF! (Even some frum people are deceived about this.)

    My son just got released from the IDF. There were no women in positions that a man couldn’t have done. In fact, a man could’ve done most of these positions better than the female soldiers.

    Plus, the girls are physically incapable of fulfilling the minimum specifications of combat. In fact, there are many roles in the army that the girls physically cannot fulfill properly, like holding a high-pressure fire hose and cutting a pilot out of a burning plane, yet they put girls in the fire brigade anyway. Then they say no more than one girl in the fire truck during a drill or event because she is physically incapable of carrying out the duties involved. (Baruch Hashem, planes almost never burn up on the runway, so this is more theoretical, but still.)

    The IDF is so overstuffed that many soldiers serve what’s called “shavua-shavua,” where they only serve at the base every other week. During their “off” weeks, they work in restaurants or hang out or whatever. To find enough positions for everyone, the IDF needs to create fake jobs. One female soldier at my son’s base was in charge of “Cultural Enrichment.” She sat in her office all day long and watched movies on her smartphone or texted. Literally, all day every day. (But once, she showed the base an American movie. That was all she ever did in official capacity the entire 6 months my son was there.) She gets paid for this, and when she’s released from the army, she’ll be credited with “having served her country” and get the financial entitlements one gets for having served.

    Anyone blubbering about the need for women in the IDF has an underlying agenda because women in the IDF can actually endanger lives (depending on their position) and don’t contribute anything that man couldn’t if he were in the same position. (Not to mention the psychological or physical harm possible to the girl herself while serving.)

    It must be a pretty nasty agenda if the blubberers are willing to endanger young lives and national security for it, eh?

  6. This is what SSSJ (student struggle for Soviet Jewry) fought for? We were told that the Jews of the USSR were yearnign to be free so they could be Jews. It was all a lie. All they wanted was to leave the USSR so they could become capitalists and make $$$ . That’s what is was all about. WERE WERE DUPED


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