Liberman Orders Halt Of Fuel, Gas To Gaza Until ‘Violence Stops Entirely’


Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said on Saturday that Israel is halting fuel and gas entering into the Gaza Strip until violence stops, following yet another weekend of clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli army.

Israel has seen thousands of liters of Qatari-bought fuel trucked into Gaza daily to boost the impoverished territory’s electricity supply, after a deal, brokered by the United Nations and backed by the United States, was reached earlier this week.

“Until violence in the Gaza Strip stops entirely, including the launching of incendiary balloons and the burning of tires near Israeli communities, the supply of fuel and gas to the Gaza Strip will not be renewed,” Liberman said in a statement on Saturday.


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  1. That’s a first step in the right direction! I think the IDF has to move their border back and thus allow for more control at the border.

  2. It won’t last!
    The Israelis are weak, and everyone knows it! A few days will pass and a few evil liberals will scream and Israel will sponsor more resources to the enemy


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