Liberal, Left-Wing “Jewish” Group Asks Romney To Apologize To The Palestinians


romney-yerushalayimA liberal Jewish organization is set to deliver 17,000 signatures to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s headquarters Monday afternoon urging him to apologize for remarks many have deemed insulting to the Palestinians.

Jewish Voice for Peace has called Romney’s comments at a Jerusalem fundraiser last Monday “racist and ignorant.” Romney says he did not mean to denigrate Palestinians when he credited “the power of at least culture” and the “hand of providence” for Israel’s superior economy.

The petition, addressed to “Governor Mitt Romney,” urges him to apologize.
“Your statements in Jerusalem regarding the growth of the Palestinian and Israeli economies were inaccurate and misleading,” the petition states. “Israel’s Occupation of Palestinian land makes it impossible for the Palestinian economy to succeed, not ‘cultural differences’.

“Your comments were not a reflection of the values Jews, Americans, and our allies hold dear. We call on you to apologize to the Palestinian people for your willful lack of understanding of the facts on the ground and the racist assumptions behind them.”

Romney initially told Fox News that he “did not speak about the Palestinian culture or about the decisions made in their economy” at the fundraiser, but then penned a National Review piece doubling down on the original comments. The candidate has accused the media of fixating on those and other remarks to weaken his candidacy.

The comments have infuriated the Palestinians, with lead negotiator Saeb Erekat saying Romney had further “destroyed negotiations” on a two-state solution following his push for the United States to recognize the disputed city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Source: THE HILL

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  1. Leaders that lead into a cozy place to live modern convenience of a desert gradually. Educated wanted leaders who were taught to agree and disagree never enough to popularize people against each other. Campaigning honest to dishonest. Leaders find a problem with a country and hound them one by one. After conguering a country leave it in misery let’s find another country get involved meeting bring your weapons.

  2. Personally, I did not feel that beating up the palestinians was in any way a positive feature for Mr. Romney’s visit to the mid east. But of course, I am not a propalestinian guy, just one who has an understanding of a sensitive political situation.

  3. No apology needed for these pacifist liberal chazeirim. You don’t cave into a donkeys demands. This is the reason the west is going to pot. These ABHORRENT Thing which the Torah refers to them as PERAH ADAM is there for a reason. I no Navi., but the writing is on the wall. I’m not sure how long this process is going to take But we as a free nation (not for much longer) are basically DOOMED. Its just a matter of time. Hopefully these are the Chevlai Moshiach and the Geulah is around the corner.

  4. Bring 10x that number of signatures supporting what he said, and saying that these morons have no right to speak for anyone but themselves!!


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