Liberal Daycare Says No More Shabbos “Mommy” and Shabbos “Tatty”


Hagit Amir, a director of a northern Israeli daycare center, sent a letter to the children’s parents informing them she intends to change the Erev Shabbos tradition of having a Shabbos Ima and Abba “so as not to harm pluralism and gender equality”.

“As an organization, we’re undergoing a process in which the curriculum is designed to reflect pluralism, multiculturalism, and gender equality. As part of the process, teachers are gradually learning to change Kabbalas Shabbos so it reflects gender equality.

“Therefore, the ‘Father and Mother of Shabbat’ roles were replaced with Mikablei Shabbat. With Mikablei Shabbat, division into pairs will be arranged according to the order in the role-call, so that Mikablei Shabbat may be a boy and a girl, a girl and a girl, or a boy and a boy.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



    • Just be thankful and appreciate that we have the Torah to guide us.
      This what happens when people don’t: They are totally confused and lost! Not רשעים ארורים

  1. to be politically correct you’re supposed to say
    The victim is a Jewish ‘PERSON’ in his 70’s

    We are headed back to the Dor Hamabul…Hashem Yeracheim….

    • Wrong, it’s worse, because Chazal say that one of the few things Dor Hamabul didn’t do was “liteyn ksubah lezochor”

  2. In the u.s. the same people behind this “gender equality” garbage, are the same ones for abortion in third trimester. we must understand the connection. both have the same underlying issue….. it is not that women etc. are as equally important as men, rather that men are not more than women…i.e. we r all just lust seekers [-nothings], we r just beings who have the right to do as we please, and FEEL as however we feel. morals r nothing, unless i happen to FEEL that way at that moment. …Add to this, animal rights ….

  3. In my childs pre-school, there are far fewer girls than boys, so that in order that all children get equal opportunity to be honored, every week the next 2 children on the role call are honored to sit at the table in front & bring the snacks, sometimes it a shabbos tatty & mommy, sometimes its a shabbos tatty and a shabbos zeidy! It never occurred to me to think it was a gender equality issue as it isnt, just an equal opportunity for all.
    But this article is now taking it to a whole new level.

  4. B”h the frum world is far from such wicked insanity, but unfortunately there is the ripple effect…. there are women that are a bit confused about their values, their role in judaism in general and specifically in their marriage, their crucial role in their husbands growth and in raising chidren to be future talmeidei chachamim tsaddikim and tsidkaniyos etc. vs the desire to be recognized as a “success”, someone with a degree , carreer etc

  5. Wrong, it’s worse, because Chazal say that one of the few things Dor Hamabul didn’t do was “liteyn ksubah lezochor”


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