Lhota Releases Stinging Ad: Those Who Know Him Best Tell Us: Bill de Blasio Can’t Be Trusted


joseph-lhotaHighlighting Bill de Blasio’s record of flip-flopping on crucial issues and pandering to each group he speaks to, the Lhota campaign released a new web ad today.  Titled “Democrats Agree,” the ad compiles statements by those who know and worked closest with Mr. de Blasio.  And they agree: Bill de Blasio can’t be trusted.

View the full ad here.

“New Yorkers deserve a mayor they can trust.  They might not agree with every decision a mayor makes, but they shouldn’t have to worry they’re being lied to.  As the ad showcases, that’s simply not the case with Mr. de Blasio,” said Jessica Proud, campaign spokeswoman.

“Stop lying to the people of New York City!” demands Bill Thompson, who also asks, “Will the real Bill de Blasio please stand up?”  John Liu predicts. “Under Bill de Blasio, we won’t have a tale of two cities, but a city of two tales; that’s the problem here,” and Christine Quinn notes “This is another case of Bill speaking out of two sides of his mouth.”

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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