Lewandowski Says Bloomberg Would Be ‘Very Competitive’ Against Trump In 2020


President Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said Wednesday that he believes former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg would pose the most serious challenge to Trump as a Democratic challenger in the 2020 presidential election.

Lewandowski pointed to Bloomberg’s name recognition, his ability to self-fund his campaign and his experience running New York City for 12 years. Lewandowski also said Bloomberg’s business acumen, like Trump’s, could appeal to voters.

“Michael Bloomberg has created tens of thousands of jobs. That is a story the American people like, and he’s an outsider. So I think it would be a very, very competitive and race,” Lewandowski told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington D.C.

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  1. But one thing you forgot: The left will harass him until he becomes himself a nutty leftist, which he already proved he can easily become…

  2. He is an excellent businessman, but IMO Bloomberg is not very personable and does not know how to connect with ordinary people. He is popular with liberal democrats in NY and CT, but he does not resonate well with people in red states. If he became president, C”V, he would probably strengthen the gov’t establishment and lead like most liberal politicians.

  3. Bloomberg can be very competitive with his OCD on plastic straws – at best. Otherwise he has as much chance as Oprah Winfrey who actually might have more chance because she’s black plus she’s a woman and no democrat would dare vote against her lest they’d be called the “r” word (as in racist).

  4. Yeah sure.

    Everyone across America is going to run to vote for a guy who raised real estate taxes by eighteen percent, tried to make all sorts of very irritating silly rules about food and plastic bags , idling cars etc., while not one former employee of his can remember him drinking water himself and he himself flies around on a private jet and keeps his car idling for hours on end.

  5. I can’t wait until he bans all cars, except his. All deliveries from now on will be done by bicycle. Yes, even your new couch or refrigerator.

  6. That’s all we need – a bris mila hating, separate seating hating, black hat hating, toeva and abortion loving, liberal meshugina “Jew” in the White House. Hashem yeracheim.


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