Lew Fidler Apologizes For Neo-Nazi Attack On Storobin


lew-fidlerBrooklyn, N.Y. – Democrat City Councilman has apologized for spreading false rumors that his opponent, Republican David Storobin, had “ties to neo-Nazis.”

When confronted about the negativity of the campaign on NY1’s televised debate, which aired Monday night on the network’s “Inside City Hall” program, Fidler said he was sorry.

“I appreciate Mr. Fidler’s apology and now we can move forward,” Storobin said after the debate aired. “Once he relented, we were actually able to discuss real issues face-to-face including our very different views on jobs and taxes, pension reform and social policies.”

The 30-minute, in-studio debate was the campaign’s only debate after Mr. Fidler was forced to cancel two live audience debates earlier this month due to a health issue.

“I feel very good about my performance and about our position in this campaign. It’s never easy when you take on a career politician in a head-to-head debate, especially as a political outsider,” said Storobin. “But people are learning that Lew Fidler has raised taxes, and that I will fight to cut them. They are finding out that I have actually created jobs as a small business owner here in Brooklyn, and that Lew Fidler has killed them. When you break through the mud-slinging, I know our message is positive and will resonate well with the voters on election day.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. To little to late! The Fidler/Weprin team has lost again! What Fidler/Weprin failed to learn, is that you can’t come into our community, spit in our face, denigrade our values, refuse to meet with our leaders, then turn around & say please vote for me! I’ll throw a few dollars your way. It doesn’t work that way! The arrogance shown by Fidler/Weprin is astounding! Shame on the “Frumah” advisers who ran over to “help” Fidler/Weprin! You too are no longer welcome in our community! Now if only Matzav can stop covering up for them!

  2. Storobin proved during these TV debates that he had no idea about pension reform, sales tax and any other relevant issues.


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