Levi Aron’s Attorney Is Former NYPD Officer Who Made News in 1997 for Shooting Pit Bull


pierre-bazile-levi-aronThe attorney for the murder suspect in the case of Leiby Kletzky is a lawyer by the name of Pierre Bazile, a former police officer who was once  probed by the NYPD after shooting a dog.

The following is an article from the NY Daily News in 1997.

The NYPD has taken more than seven months to determine whether a cop acted properly when he shot a pit bull that menaced him and a nurse he was escorting into a housing project.

The nurse said she believes the cop had no choice but to shoot when the snarling, unleashed dog cornered them in the lobby of a building in Far Rockaway, Queens.

The only person injured in the incident was the 26-year-old cop, Pierre Bazile, who suffered a slight cut above one eye from a ricocheting shell. But he remains on modified duty, stripped of his gun and badge, and angry that the NYPD is taking so long to conduct its inquiry.

“In less time than they’ve taken so far in my case, a cop who shot someone in the back has been returned to full duty,” Bazile said. “I shot a dog who was trying to get a piece of me, and they’re letting me waste away.”

The May 11 shooting was one of many violent incidents this year involving pit bulls.

Bazile was working an NYPD-approved off-duty job as a bodyguard for the Visiting Nurses Association when the dog rushed him and Loreen Bourne as they waited for an elevator in the Edgemere Houses.

The animal veered toward Bazile and began barking after the cop yelled a warning to Bourne. He then pulled his authorized police handgun and retreated down a hallway.

When the dog kept coming, Bazile who was injured in 1994 fleeing another pit bull that menaced him on a Harlem rooftop fired the first of 11 shots.

The dog was hit five times, but still managed to limp away. It was later found and euthanized.

A top police boss interviewed Bazile, then assigned to the 28th Precinct in Harlem, shortly after the shooting and found him “fit for duty,” according to police reports.

But later, other top cops took Bazile’s gun and badge, assigning him to a guard job at a Brooklyn courthouse. They appeared to doubt the need to fire 11 shots, Bazile said.

Though NYPD rules say firearms-discharge probes should be completed within 90 days, Bazile was not formally questioned for almost 100 days.

The NYPD has not responded to complaints by Bazile’s PBA lawyer and a private attorney he hired to speed the process. But a police spokesman, Sgt. Nick Vreeland, said another panel of brass must review the findings of the first before Bazile learns his fate.

“There may be departmental charges in this case,” he said, “but we don’t know what they will be. If he and his lawyer are concerned about the time it is taking, we will address that issue at some point.”

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  1. What’s this got to do with anything? Is he going to take a service revolver into the courtroom and threaten the jury? It’s more relevant what grade he got on his bar exam. Police officer and trial lawyer are very different jobs, with very different requirements.

  2. Please refrain from using name calling and obnoxious comments. Even when one commits a horrendous crime, there is no room in Halacha for taunting and name calling.

  3. I was also about to complain about YET ANOTHER photo of him when I noticed that his head was bare!

    Is he a yid or not???

  4. I don’t see the shaichus. What is this report trying to do? He did nothing wrong by shooting the lethal pit bull. He was eventualy cleared of any wrong doing. Better that he keep this dummy as a lawyer as apposed to some hot shot ACLU, one!

  5. I still doubt the butcher is a Yid. I doubt highly, because a Yid doesn’t have it in his “zich” to do what he did.


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