Levi Aron to Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation


levi-aron4Levi Aron, the suspect held in connection with the killing and dismemberment of eight-year-old Leiby Kletzky, pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of murder and kidnapping, and defense attorneys said he will receive a psych exam after claiming that he hears voices and suffers hallucinations.

As Aron was brought out of the 67th precinct where he’d spent the night, people on the street screamed at him while chasing the police car carrying him to court.

The accused murderer faced more shouts from prisoners inside a Brooklyn courthouse as he arrived for his arraignment.

Aron pleaded not guilty Thursday to the first-degree murder and kidnapping of eight-year-old Leiby Kletzky and will undergo a psychological evaluation.

“I have some serious concerns about the client’s mental state, his cognitive ability. He’s indicated to me that he hears voices and there’s some hallucinations involved, as well,” said Pierre Bazile, one of Aron’s defense attorneys.

“We have concerns with his mental state. He does appear to be unwell,” said Bazile. “We’re going to have him examined.”

“For now, the most important thing is to have him examined psychologically,” said Gerard Marrone, another defense attorney. “It’s called a 730 examination. So he’s remanded at this time. We’ll see what his psychological state is and that’s the most important thing right now to everyone involved.”

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced that Aron wrote a confession.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said a grand jury is currently reviewing the evidence against Aron.

“Right now the jury is hearing the testimony. I expect that the testimony should be concluded by tomorrow, and then we will ask for the main charge of felony murder, based on the kidnapping, which is murder in the first degree, and whatever other charges we think are sustainable,” said Hynes.

Aron is scheduled to be back in court in two weeks.

The police commissioner said Aron wrote how he first met and lured Leiby on Monday afternoon. The boy became lost while walking home from his day camp Monday afternoon in Borough Park and asked the older man for directions.

Aron got the nine-year-old boy into his car by taking him to a wedding in Monsey, N.Y. After the wedding, Aron said it was late and let the boy stay in his apartment in Kensington.

Co-workers at the hardware store where Aron worked said on Tuesday the suspect seemed to have “cleaned up” and trimmed his beard.

Aron described he came home from work at one point that day and made lunch for the boy, according to Kelly.

Then Aron described in “graphic detail” the murder and dismemberment of Leiby and wrote he was “sorry for the trouble he caused,” according to Kelly.

Aron previously claimed he “panicked” and committed the murder once he heard about the massive search for Leiby, involving hundreds of volunteers from the local community and across the state.

However, when pressed for further details, Aron would not discuss his panic or give any further reasoning to police.

“Usually in this business you see a lot of violence, but there’s usually some sort of irrational, twisted logic that’s given to why a violent event took place. Here, it defies all logic, and I think that’s really what’s so terribly disturbing about this case. There’s absolutely no reason,” said Kelly. “Nothing more innocent than an eight-year-old child.”

There is no indication that Leiby was mentally disabled and Aron wrote the boy did not attempt to leave the apartment.

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  1. The face is clearly haunted. Klal Yisroel needs to look carefully at his life, to make sure we don’t grow any more like him.

  2. it does seem that he looks sick, but he covered up his tracks so well. Isnt that a sign that he’s covering up for himself? Covering up the evidence? let them check around his old yard in TN and in NY too and see what else comes up. alot more is going to come up. the stories so far don’t sound true, HaShem Yerachem aleinu.

  3. While I’d condone the maximum penalty for Levi Aron, I’d like to call attention to the fact that this man lived through difficult and unpleasant life-circumstances. He wasnt married. He had no chilren. He had a very meager income, described as close to the minimum wage.
    His parents seem to be in a state of constant quarrel and he didnt have any regular siblings to talk to. Above all, he had no friends.
    This would explain why he was so intrigued by the little boy’s sweet company. He led a miserable and lonely existance and was thriled by the idea of little angel Leiby, spending time with him. What happened afterwards is that something went terribly wrong…
    Once again, I in no way pardon this man’s gruesome behavior… but we ought to take a lesson from Levi Aron and make an effort to reach out to the lonely folks out there.

    May God comfort the bereaved family and all those who mourn for this little boy.

  4. he was normal enough to go to weddings dentist drive and have a job

    now he is going crazy after the fact

    hope the courts realize this

  5. If we can all please remember to maintain the proper focus regarding this nightmare. True, we are so saddened and frightened by the loss of a precious neshama. However this does not give us any excuse to be any additional mikatreg on Mr. Aron. Hakadosh Barach Hu decides punishment (and has outlined laws for a judicial system as well), and has never requested that we name call, taunt or slander individuals based on their actions. “Evil Monster” “feel bad for those who look at his face” and the like is not necessary and does nothing except for alleviate Mr. Aron’s neshama from the suffering it may undergo in the next world.

    Also, be thankful for the healthy individuals in your life, one can never know what nisayon Hashem can give him – Hashem does not discriminate when giving a family mentally and emotionally unstable / loner etc… children

    Let’s elevate our neshamos through this, not chas v’shalom degrade it.

  6. Spot on number 6 – unfortunately supposedly ‘Torah’ orientated news outlets appear to be getting caught up in all the goyish sensationalism and seem to have lost themselves a bit (in moderating the comments too! – some of things being said seem more appropriate to a bloodthirsty mob than a Torahdik news site)

  7. Some people are born under a mazel connected with blood- they are either a murder,shochet,mohel,or doctor. They have the free choice to choose to use their tendencies for good or bad. In this case, Mr Aron once worked as a butcher( using his tendencies to the good) and but now he acted as a murderer (in addition to a butcher).He obviously didn’t use his inborn tendencies for the good, and should be called a “rasha,” and not mentally insane .

  8. Aron’s fatal mistake was inviting Leiby to attend a wedding with him Monday evening when he found Leiby on the street confused and disoriented. I don’t understand why Levi Aron didn’t realize Leiby’s parents would be frantically searching for their son but I honestly don’t believe Levi Aron “kidnapped Leiby” and held him hostage in his apartment.

    Aron was seen with Leiby Monday evening after his mother reported him missing and Aron panicked because he knew it wouldn’t be long before the cops and everyone else in the community would know Aron was “the last known person to see little Leiby alive”. Knowing he was a “wanted man” drove him insane and this is why Aron murdered Leiby and was in the process of “getting rid of the evidence”, (Leiby’s body), when police arrived because he believed without the presence of the body, police wouldn’t be able to incriminate him.

    He has undergone a psych exam and if he isn’t fit to stand trial, we should find out in the near future.


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