Lev Tahor Group Leaves Guatemalan Town After Threats


lev-tahor1About 200 members of the controversial Lev Tahor group have left a Guatemalan village where they had settled in search of religious freedom after clashes with the local population.

The community left San Juan la Laguna, a town about 93 miles west of Guatemala City where they have lived since March after arriving from Canada, on Friday. The group faced verbal abuse, threats of expulsion and threats to cut off electricity from other residents in the town, reported Reuters.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The report is incomplete! The people of the town threaten to kill them if they did not leave. What is alarming was that it was an official legal expulsion. They lived well there UNTIL people from Canada and Israel came to the town to discredit them. They told them that they were fake Jews that came to cause trouble and were escaping the law because of immoral behavior……The villagers panicked and went to the extreme to expel them.

    I hope people see what is really happening to these people :(!

  2. Can someone make sense of this sentence “where they have lived since March after arriving from Canada, on Friday”
    When did they arrive, in March or on Friday?


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