Letter to Orthodox Jewish Communities in Boro Park, Flatbush and Lakewood


By R’ Nachman Caller, the Republican District Leader of Boro Park and Midwood

I wish to express צט heartfelt appreciation and thanks to our Jewish brethren in Boro Park, Flatbush and Lakewood for responding to our call and expressing the voice of Torah and Yiddishkeit in the Presidential elections.

We gave our President-Elect Donald Trump our overwhelming support. Seventy percent of the Boro Park-Flatbush community (our Assembly District 48 gave Donald Trump the most votes in Brooklyn) and 79 percent of the Lakewood community cast their votes for Donald Trump.

We must continue to express our support for our new President-elect. He is subject to an onslaught by the extreme left who are trying to impose their agenda on the people of America. They disrespect and demonstrate against our new President-elect. We must support the rallies in support of our President-elect. We must write letters and voice our support. The support of our Jewish communities will give Donald Trump and his wonderful family the חיזוק they need to hold strong against the onslaught of the extreme left liberals. We extend our invitation to President-Elect Donald Trump and/or his wonderful family to visit with and get to know our communities and our families.

We reach out to our President-elect, the leader of our great country, who has been tasked to lead our country in a righteous manner, being fair to all of its people, to recognize the special needs of our communities. Our parents must send their children to our private schools so that they can be educated to continue our hallowed traditions. The tuition burden is unbearable, and is primarily caused by the unfair treatment by the states and the liberal controlled courts, which unfairly deny our children their constitutional right to be educated in a manner that allows them to continue in the religious traditions of their parents and grandparents. We ask our President-elect to allocate funds to our parents and their children. This can be provided in a manner that will not run afoul of constitutional limitations.

We conclude with the Blessing recited in synagogues for the Head of the Government. We ask that הקב”הshall protect and help President-Elect Donald Trump in all of his endeavors and that his Star shall rise for the benefit of our country; and that in his and our days הקב”ה shall send a ישועה to our Jewish nation.



  1. Unfortunately the president elect will not give money away to you for your vote. Your tuition problem is yours, own it and embrace it, it will make you stronger in the end. Truly DJT

  2. Certain types of support can cause sina to klal yisroel – that’s why such letters (calls to action), if necessary, should come from torah leadership and not from askonim (whose work is greatly appreciated – but they need to know their place).

  3. That was a nice shot of chizuk for our new President elect. Thanks Reb Nachman for always taking on stand on the important issues and presenting our Torah Hashkofas to the general community.


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