LETTER: Rav Aharon Schechter: Unvaccinated Individuals Should Not Be in the Community



  1. Does he feel the same way about people who refuse to take the flu vaccine? Or people who spread second-hand smoke? Or people who speak lashon harah? Where does Rabbi Schechter draw the line?

    • You can call and ask him but you seem to be mocking him. Do anti vaxxers mock Rabbonim that disagree with them? I guess they mock all Rabbonim? Sad.

  2. Is he too being paid off by the Big Pharma, or are the physicians that he asked all liars, fools, and antisemites?
    Before answering that the Rabbi isn’t an educated doctor to issue such statements, which anti-vaxer posting here is?

    • They could take the shot that the vast vast majority of the tzibbur take and that all doctors and all Rabbonim say is important to the health of the tzibbur – and to stop being so anti establishment conspiracy theorists

  3. Someone needs to tell him that his own son mordechai has children NOT immunized. Maybe they need to also be included in the ban.

  4. The Rabbis a certainly misinformed about vaccine injuries please click https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaccine_injury From 1988 until March 3, 2011, 5,636 claims relating to autism, and 8,119 non-autism claims, were made to the VICP. 2,620 of these claims, one autism-related, were compensated, with 4,463 non-autism and 814 autism claims dismissed; awards (including attorney’s fees) totaled over $2 billion. The VICP also applies to claims for injuries suffered before 1988; there were 4,264 of these claims of which 1,189 were compensated with awards totaling $903 million.[9] As of September 2017, over 2,000 individuals have been paid a total of nearly $3.8 billion since the VICP began in 1988.[12] That’s over 15000 vaccine injuries vs. 17 children in the US.


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