Letter: President Trump Responds to Lakewood Girl Whose Letter Thanked Him for Rubashkin Release



  1. Clearly he was inspired by her heartfelt message. THAT, is a Kiddush HaShem. It is particularly noteworthy that the president referred to HaShem and G-d – with a hyphen vs. the way any non -Jew would write it. Was it his daughtwr, his writer or he that was sensitive enough to notice that the writer wrote it that way. Nice story!

    • The White House letter spells out God fully, with no hyphen, as is the standard general way of writing it.

      The hyphen is between it and the word following it, which is something different.

  2. Read the letter Trump sent a student in Oklahoma –

    “Dear Jonathan,

    Thank you for your wonderful letter. Mrs. Trump and I are inspired by your kind words and the support we receive from thoughtful young students like you across America. Our Nation’s bright future relies upon your leadership, commitment, and character. Do your best each day, enjoy learning, and never give up. Always remember you have family members, teachers and others who love you, who care about you, and who are there to help you realize your God-given talents. Think big and dream bigger. Together we will create a better and brighter future for you and your family. Thank you and good luck.

    With best wishes,

    Donald Trump.”

    Sound familiar?

    Or this one in Kentucky


  3. Matzav says Pres Trump responded not the pres.
    #2..pres cant respond to millions of letters he receives. Any complaints refer to news services

  4. This is a form letter, just like hundreds or thousands that the White House sends out every day, regardless of who the current president is. To call it news would be laughable if it weren’t so sad, as it is utterly unnewsworthy and a complete waste of Matzav’s readers’ time.

  5. Adorable !!! What a kiddush hashem thanking the president for his part in the release of shalom rubashkin. Who cares if the letter was a standard letter, I’m sure this girl felt like a million bucks receiving mail from the white house


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