Letter: BMG Says to Get Vaccinated After Someone With Measles Enters Building



  1. There are now cases (about 250) of child paralysis that are being investigated. The CDC says they don’t know the cause but they call it Acute Flaccid Myelitis.
    On the insert of the Flu vaccine, the Gardisal vaccine and the MMR one of the risks mentioned is Acute Flaccid Myelitis.
    Reports are saying that in September the amount of paralysis reaches its highest numbers and then goes down.
    Most children get vaccinated in September before they return to school.

    • And to add more info:
      Transverse myelitis and vaccines: a multi-analysis. (Please note that acute flaccid myelitis is a variant or subtype of transverse myelitis)

      Abstract: Transverse myelitis is a rare clinical syndrome in which an immune-mediated process causes neural injury to the spinal cord. The pathogenesis of transverse myelitis is mostly of an autoimmune nature, triggered by various environmental factors, including vaccination. Our aim here was to search for and analyze reported cases of transverse myelitis following vaccination. A systematic review of PubMed, EMBASE and DynaMed for all English-language journals published between 1970 and 2009 was preformed, utilizing the key words transverse myelitis, myelitis, vaccines, post-vaccination, vaccination and autoimmunity. We have disclosed 37 reported cases of transverse myelitis associated with different vaccines including those against hepatitis B virus, measles-mumps-rubella, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis and others, given to infants, children and adults. In most of these reported cases the temporal association was between several days and 3 months, although a longer time frame of up to several years was also suggested. Although vaccines harbor a major contribution to public health in the modern era, in rare cases they may be associated with autoimmune phenomena such as transverse myelitis. The associations of different vaccines with a single autoimmune phenomenon allude to the idea that a common denominator of these vaccines, such as an adjuvant, might trigger this syndrome.

      • First sentence gives the lie to your argument. It is a RARE condition. Meaning the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the REMOTE possibility of developing this condition.

        You are abetting murder with your stupid conspiracy posts.

  2. Dear Marc – the Yeshiva has been strongly advocating for many years for all to vaccinate and does not allow Talmidim in the dorms who are not vaccinated. The Yeshiva also has had notices posted all over since the start of this outbreak reminding and urging all to vaccinate. Boruch Hashem the Yeshiva has managed, together with its Chemed health affiliate to get over 3,000 people newly vaccinated. Note please: if you were vaccinated in the 1960’s you might benefit from getting vaccinated again, as some of the shots in the 1960’s were not as effective. If you are not sure as to whether you are protected today, you can take a simple 1 minute blood test, called an MMR Titer test that will tell you if need to get updated MMR shots. Let’s keep advocating for all to do the right thing and protect ourselves and our families. Thank you.

    • Thank you for posting the link. I haven’t read the whole deposition (it is very long), but I am very disgusted by this Dr. He has blood on his hands. This is a MUST read for all (pro or anti). I scrolled to page 274 and my blood was boiling. Shame on Dr. Paul Offit and Dr. Plotkin.

    • You must be one naive fella. Are you saying sensible people should go to Big Pharma for truth? Dr. Plotkin is one of those who actually make vaccines. He’s the last person any rational person would get honesty from. There is a wealth of information on the web to expand ones knowledge on its massive side effects.

  3. What an EMBARRASSMENT that we who are supposed to be the smart ones, Sechel hayashar which Torah brings, can be so FOOLISH!! And believe in these conspiracy theories and anti vaccine fairytales.

    All doctors, all Rabonim(רובו ככולו) say you Must have vaccines, and a few krumme kup fools with an aggressive agenda are ruining our community

    • Look who’s talking about sechel hayashar when the only proof he has are from his doctors. If Matzav would post the truth would you still follow your doctor’s fairy tales?

  4. If I sneak up on an anti-vaxer and inject him with an MMR vaccine, could I be charged with ‘assault with a life-saving’ weapon???

  5. For those of you who feel the science is settled in regard to vaccines and autism (and other diseases), please take a look at what Dr. Stanley Plotkin has to say on the matter while under oath at a deposition in January 2018. (In case you are not aware, Dr. Plotkin is the leading authority on vaccines in the US. Would you want to argue with him?)

    Pages 245-246 of the deposition found online:

    Q. (by lawyer Aaron Siri) – So studies are possible to determine whether or not a vaccine does or does not cause, does not cause autism, correct?
    A. (by Dr. Plotkin) – Yes, they are possible. Yes.

    Q. Okay – but the study to determine whether DTaP or Tdap does not cause autism has not been done, right?
    A. A study that would definitely show that it doesn’t has not been done, but there’s no evidence that it does.


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