Let’s Make A Deal: Music Gemach Offers 9,000 Jewish Songs In Exchange For Deleting All Your Non Jewish Music



  1. Sounds like possible stealing to me. Will the artists / producers / distributors get royalties? Maybe it’s better to take off this article as lifnei iveir

  2. The gemach is greenlit by an accepted posek, for more information please e-mail me.
    I am happy to answer any questions AND also give out his number and he can also answer any questions.
    I try to include lots of different genres and types of music. Everyone has their own level and ideals for what they should not be listening too so I try to accommodate! If there’s music you don’t want to listen to, simply, don’t download it. All the music is on a shared folder in google drive.

    Please e-mail me for any more questions!

  3. It is stealing according to many Poskim. Please remove this article. He responded to me:

    All the music I use is found on the internet for free, you could find these songs yourself on countless websites and download them yourself for free. It is widely known that the internet is a place where people will upload things illegally, and halachically is considered to be “common knowledge”. So, we can assume the singers know this, but they do nothing to combat it. A good mashal is if someone would to be putting out their physical CD’s out in boxes all over Jerusalem. Yes, there would be an issue with grabbing a CD had they not known, but if the singer is aware that someone is putting their music out in boxes in the street, yet does nothing to stop it, that music is halachically considered hefker. Contrary to popular belief, most singers do NOT make money off of CD’s, they make the most off of concerts.

    You can claim that not “all the singer know” and “Everything is available online and it’s impossible to combat people uploading their music illegally” but that’s not true. There
    s quite a few singers and songs which I cannot get a hold of ANYWHERE.

  4. JC: I gave the number of my Rabbi. As you know there are differing opinions when it comes to halacha. The Rabbi endorsing the project has authored plenty of well known accepted halacha books and I’m happy to answer any e-mails and give out the name and number of the Rabbi endorsing the project privately, as per his request.

    I don’t really have time to sit through the comments here, like I said, I’ve been getting tens of e-mails by the hour and it’s time consuming enough to respond to all of those privately.

    Also, I’m a she for further reference. I also would like to add in the future, perhaps you could ask me before you share a personal e-mail publicly.

    I will not be responding furthur to anymore comments.
    Have a great day!

    • it’s not a personal email at this point.it’s a public email. you published it in a public paper seeking attention from the public. are you serious?

  5. I’ve personally spoken to a number of singers, not about this per se, but about copying their music in general and they say that when they do try to stop the copying they’re given the line that its not stealing according to xyz rabbi. All of these singers have said that if more people legally bought their music, they wouldn’t need to make themselves crazy doing all these chasunah’s, kumzitz’s and concerts. But hardly anyone buys anymore because its so easy to get it. In the old days, their albums supported themselves through sales and less concerts….now since so few buy the music, they need to do many more concerts and have virtually no family life. So you can say they don’t care about the songs, they only care about concerts but they say they’d rather do less running around the world and sell more music!

  6. Instead of writing your own opinion based on other singers you’ve spoken to, its wiser to call a renowned rov or your own posek if you have questions regarding this issue. This man did and you can follow your posek. Although I feel bad for the singers, if halachah permits something then yes they need to make money in other ways then they’ve done in the past….just as many businesses have to update over time due to technological advancements or they will go down just as Kodak did.
    Bottom line your feeling isnt a psak.
    Also, just a point, both are important issues but be honest with yourself, are you so worried about halacha? or are you simply changing topics to the issue of copying music, because its easier than changing what music you are listening to!


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