Lebanon Says Spying Device Found Near Israel Border


israel-lebanon-borderThe Al-Manar Hezbollah television channel reported that an apparatus, suspected to be a bugging device, was discovered some 150 meters from the border fence between Israel and Lebanon. According to the report, the device was discovered in the village of al-Adisa.

The Hezbollah-affiliated Al Miadin news channel added that the Lebanese army is surrounding the area.

In November, it was reported by the Lebanese paper As-Safir that a committee had been touring southern Lebanon to expose Israeli spying technologies.

The chairman of the Lebanese parliament Nabih Berri said that Israel is deploying and constructing spy stations along the border from En Nakura, on the Mediterranean Sea, to the Sheeba Farms in the east.

In October, it was reported that an alleged spy-eagle was captured in the Lebanese town of Achkout by amateur hunters, and transmission equipment tied to its leg indicated a connection to the Tel Aviv University.

According to the As-Safir newspaper, the Lebanese government demanded that a committee to examine Israeli espionage be formed. The committee is composed of representatives from the local communication office and the Lebanese army. Up to now, the committee performed dozens of patrols in southern Lebanon and discovered Israeli radar stations and wiretapping devices.

Read more at Ynet Israel.

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