Leading Poskim In Yerushalayim Rule That Everyone Must Be Vaccinated


In the past few weeks, Dr. Breyer, the medical director of the Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital, visited the homes of the leading halakhic authorities and spoke with them about the outbreak of measles, and the rabbis agreed that according to Jewish law, anyone who is not yet vaccinated against the virus must immediately do so.

The rabbis ruled that someone who is not vaccinated is not only in the wrong because of the harm he may inflict on himself, but also enters into the issues of “V’Ahavta L’Reacha K’mocha” because the disease spreads rapidly from one person to another.

Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, Rabbi Shimon Badani, Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein, Rabbi Moshe Shaul Klein, Rabbi Sariel Rosenberg and Rabbi Menachem Mendel Lubin all signed the psak.

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      • My Rov says, if there’s a risk that your child can be harmed by vaccination, there’s no reason to do so, esp. that there’s medical proof that vaccinated children can get measles in any event.

        • I think all medical professionals would agree with you, that if their is a specific risk to you and your child, it may be better not to vaccinate. But an extremely unlikely risk of getting an adverse reaction is possible with any medication, even tylenol.
          It would be extremely less likely to get measles if vaccinated, and the measles that someone who is vaccinated could get would be less likely to spread further and less harmful.
          Anyone with a lowered immune system (eg already has the flu, or a cold) should not be get vaccines as the body may not be able to fight it. You and your children should be healthy at the time of shots. But for babies and those who R”L have something more serious like leukemia, who can not get vaccines, they are in danger of contracting any disease as it could be fatal.
          If you and your family are healthy, you should get vaccinated immediately as not only are you performing the mitzva of protecting yourself, but also Veohavto lereiacho komocha, protecting all those around you.

        • well said the baby clinic here in isreal told me clearly it wont stop the kids getting measles and therefore 3 weeks ago they wouldnt give it my kids and since 2 have come out with it!!

    • No, it got serious a while back, when some fools decided to get their medical education from the Internet, and neglected to protect their children.

      • Marc:
        ONLY Y O U have it correct. Why don’t you look closely at the CDC and FDA own (corrupt) information, in their own “studies” and decisions? If Y O U the “groiser chochom and maven” will look without pre condition even you will or might get it straight. There is at least a slight chance. There is a 50% bigger chance for the people that got vaccinated to get Measles than for you to get things straight. Doctors, CDC and the FDA are not G-D, they are the biggest crooks around. Even crooks do good things sometimes and may even save lives. That doesn’t make them see things correctly. Hashem said “Ki hashochad ye’aver”. Sorry that you have a hard time accepting that.

        • “Marc: ONLY Y O U have it correct.”
          Wow, really? Marc is the CDC, FDA, every other state, local and federal agency health and medical, every doctor, nurse, hospital, and medical worker all rolled up into one human being?
          I used to think that it was hundreds of thousands of scientists, chemists, doctors, etc. who developed, tested and administer these medicines vs. a few quacks, cranks and lunatics – now I know it’s really the gobbledygook-spouting, er, wise, erudite anti-vaxxers vs. Marc and Marc only.
          Thank you ever so much for letting us know that; we never, ever would’ve realized it without your invaluable help.

  1. to all you imbeciles, no one is getting their medical education from the internet, the top doctors in mayanei hayeshua have said to have your selves and your child vaccinated against measles. why do you think you know better? why is it ok to be the cause of what could ch’v become a major epidemic? time to stop drinking the kool aid. and yes, if gedolei yisrael make a psak it might be worth considering even if the rav of your heilege anti vaccination group who is less knowledgeable does not agree.

    • Do you live in the Ukraine? If so, that may be for you to consider and ask your own rov, but in Israel, this was their psak.

    • It is not as you characterize it. Did you ever hear of things like “lead time” (or the therm “lag”)? In 2008, 95% of eligible Ukranian children had received the second (final) dose. That is the level that the UN states is required for “herd immunity”. Then someone (apparently Russia in an clandestine manner) started a campaign of disinformation (against its nemesis the Ukraine) to convince parents not to vaccinate. The campaign worked and vaccination fell to 31%. For a while, there is a “lead time” and a “lag” until infection comes into the country and can spread. When the problem started appearing to get bad, the Ukranian government went on an emergency vaccination campaign. Again, there is “lead time” and “lag”. As of Septermber 2018 the vaccination level was at best 85%, still short of the 95% required for “herd immunity”. And even after the vaccine is administered it takes time before it bolsters the person’s immunity. So again there is a window when after the vaccine the person can easily contract the disease.

      Aside from that, I personally question the quality of the vaccine that was administered. It is a corrupt place where the propaganda had convinced not only the layperson but even medical professionals against vaccination and my instincts tell me that the vaccination rate is not nearly what they think it is (because of a combination of bad product and fake immunization records).

  2. I keep seeing “my posek says I dont have to vaccinate”. I have yet to see any name of a Posek that gives a Psak not to vaccinate. can someone please name an American Poesek. Thanks

    • If you continue reading there, you will find that get to conclusion that you should not give a bris milla as there are some deaths that occur due to circumcision, on numbers that say that 1 in 2 babies die from circumcision!?!
      That site itself is a poisonous paradigm.

      The antivaxxers have talked themselves into a hole and set them self up to a no win situation. If they stay healthy, “see, I told you no need for vaccines”; If they get a disease, “Its all because of those who took the vaccine”; If they go ahead and get vaccinated and stay healthy, “I was healthy anyway, nothing to do with the vaccine”; If they get vaccine and get ill “Its because of the vaccine”.

    • so answer this.
      do antivaxers believe frum doctors are poisoning their patients with vaccines?! all for the sake of money. ???

  3. There was a man who was walking in the countryside and got thirsty. He passed by a well and drank some of the water. Afterwards he noticed a frog near the well and became convinced that he had swallowed a frog.

    He went to numerous doctors who told him he was crazy. Finally one Dr. told him yes there is a frog. Will operate and remove it. They gave him a mild anasthesia, made a shallow incision and closed him up. When he woke up they showed him the frog they said they had removed from him.

    He responded Ay what a large frog who knows how many little frogs it had while it was inside me.

    The point is that if a person has a “frog” in his had you can’t remove it. If one is an antiwaxxer there is no logical argument on this Earth that will change his mind.

    • And the same goes for the pro-vaxxers. No logical argument will change their mind. After all, the doctor said so… Who ever heard of anyone knowing better than “the doctor”? At least the anti-vaxxers are bringing proof galore, the only proof the pro-vaxxers are bringing are from their doctors and snopes.

  4. Anti-Vaxxers should boost the ranks of the Flat Earth Society. Not living in the States it’s hard for me to digest so much drivel.

    • The big difference is Flat Earthers are harmless kooks. What’s the next mishugas? Smoking as a health aid? Seatbelts and airbags are a conspiracy by automobile manufacturers to maim our families? Gargle with bleach daily to kill germs?
      It loses its humor when people – including children and infants – are being sickened (and worse, R”L) due to this dangerous lunacy.

  5. Rav Shmuel Kamenentzky says that one does not have to vaccinate”

    According to his daughter-in-law it is incorrect!
    he only says that you should not do the vaccinations as early as some doctors recommend!

  6. Possibly the biggest problem is that individuals don’t follow the dictate of the Mishna. “Aseh lecah Rav”.

    If one has a authentic posek his psak if he says to vaccinate or otherwise is likely more potent than any and will provide shmirah.

  7. No one listens to gedolim anymore. Look at all the smartphones in our communities. They are disregarded entirely. Everyone finds themselves a rov that will let them live the way they want. Our system is a joke.


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